25 May

Truck Accident Lawyer Tampa Florida

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a rollover accident near the Gandy Bridge caused major traffic issues and sent at least one man to the hospital in late March. A garbage truck and a pickup truck were headed westbound towards the bridge when the garbage truck turned and flipped onto its roof in front of the pickup, according to authorities. The driver of the pickup was transported from the scene to the hospital.

Commercial Vehicle Rollovers Are Dangerous Events

The Gandy Bridge incident highlights the dangers of rollover accidents. Many commercial vehicles, like tractor-trailers, box trucks, tanker trucks, garbage trucks, and dump trucks, have high centers of gravity that make them particularly at risk of rolling over. One of the main reasons these accidents are so dangerous is that once a vehicle’s tires lose contact with the ground, the vehicle is impossible to control. As a result, anyone in the vicinity of a rollover accident is at risk of injury.

When Can Victims Recover Compensation for a Rollover Accident?

Many people who are injured in rollover accidents wonder whether they can recover compensation for their injuries. This is because rollover victims often have nothing to do with the accident that injured them and are dealing with significant economic and noneconomic losses that are not their fault.

Imagine driving down the interstate when a large tractor-trailer suddenly flips onto its side and crashes into your vehicle causing you significant injury. Under Florida law, people who are hurt in this type of accident can try and recover compensation for their crash-related injuries and losses. The key is showing that the person’s injuries were someone else’s fault (often referred to as someone else’s negligence).

Common examples of truck driver negligence include the following:

  • Speeding
  • Distracted driving
  • Taking turns too fast
  • Failing to adequately secure or balance cargo
  • Driving impaired
  • Driving fatigued (hours of service violations)
  • Hitting a curb

Truck drivers do not always cause rollover accidents. They can also be the result of negligent acts by tire manufacturers, truck manufacturers, companies responsible for loading and securing cargo, or even government agencies responsible for road maintenance. Determining who may have been at fault for the accident and determining what, if any, compensation the victim might be able to recover requires an in-depth factual and legal investigation.

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