17 Jun

Boating Safety FAQ The Florida Law Group

As you head out on the lake or ocean for summer, you want to have a great time: to enjoy the sun, splash in the water, and time with friends and family. In order to have the best time possible, however, you […]

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4 Jun

Road Defects Can Seriously Injure Bicyclists The Florida Law Group

While riding a bicycle on the streets, you not only have to watch our for drivers, you also have to watch out for road defects. In 2017, there were 6,675 bicycle crashes in Florida. Of those, 128 were fatal. If a road […]

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30 Apr

Injuries at Florida Airports Article for the Florida Law Group

Florida airports are busy hubs, with thousands of passengers arriving and departing every day. In fact, Orlando International Airport, the busiest of all of Florida’s airports, served 44.6 million passengers in 2017. No matter what Florida airport you use for your vacation, […]

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30 Apr

njuries at Theme Parks Article for the Florida Law Group

Tampa enjoys the benefits of being in close proximity to some of the world’s largest, most popular, and most famous theme parks. Disney World, Busch Gardens, Universal Studios, and other smaller but equally entertaining nearby attractions offer family fun of every variety, […]

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29 Mar

Trip & Fall Injury Lawyers in Florida

Florida residents and visitors are often at risk for trip and fall accidents, whether they are shopping, dining out, buying groceries, visiting the beach, or engaging in a number of other quintessential Florida activities. When individuals sustain injuries from trip and fall […]

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8 Feb

personal injury lawyer in tampa florida

Millions of Americans receive Social Security benefits. They may be eligible because of their age, employment status, disability, or income level. For example, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides benefits for people with disabilities, while Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides benefits for […]

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20 Jun

Staying Safe on the Fourth of July—Part 1

This Fourth of July, thousands of people in the Tampa area will celebrate our nation’s independence. Traditional Independence Day celebrations often involve gathering with friends and family, watching fireworks shows, firing up backyard barbecues, getting out on the water, and other activities. […]

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25 May

Truck Accident Lawyer Tampa Florida

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a rollover accident near the Gandy Bridge caused major traffic issues and sent at least one man to the hospital in late March. A garbage truck and a pickup truck were headed westbound towards the bridge […]

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11 May

Boating Accident Tampa Florida

With summer just around the corner and warm temperatures upon us, many people in the Tampa, Florida area will soon take to the water in boats and other watercraft. Boating is an activity that thousands of locals in the area enjoy regularly. […]

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23 Feb

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Tampa Florida

Pedestrians Can Die in Collisions With Trucks Large commercial trucks can cause serious injuries whenever they crash. In addition, severe injuries can occur anytime a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle. When a large truck collides into a pedestrian, however, the […]

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