Steve Rawls is a distinguished attorney with over three decades of experience specializing in catastrophic personal injury litigation, liability insurance coverage, and third-party bad faith claims. As a Managing Litigation Attorney at The Florida Law Group, Steve oversees all aspects of litigation cases, from evaluation and staffing to settlement negotiations and trial representation.

With a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida College of Law, Steve has established himself as a trusted advocate for his clients. His expertise in navigating complex legal matters is evident in his track record of successfully representing individuals who have suffered severe injuries due to negligence or wrongful conduct.

Beyond his role at The Florida Law Group, Steve is a prolific writer and contributor to various legal publications, including For the Defense, CGL Reporter, West’s Law and Practice of Insurance Coverage, International Risk Management Institute, Mealey’s Litigation Report: Bad Faith, and Recurring Issues in Insurance Discovery Disputes. His articles offer valuable insights and strategies for legal professionals and insurers alike, reflecting his deep understanding of insurance coverage law and litigation tactics.

In addition to his professional achievements, Steve is actively involved in his community, volunteering his time with local legal aid organizations and pro bono initiatives. He is committed to making a positive impact beyond the courtroom, advocating for justice and fairness for all.

With his wealth of experience, dedication to his clients, and commitment to excellence, Steve Rawls continues to be a trusted advocate in the legal community, providing unparalleled representation at The Florida Law Group.