20 Jun

when to hire a personal injury lawyer

The best time to hire a personal injury lawyer is as soon as possible after you’ve been injured in an accident that wasn’t your fault!  That’s it – that’s the whole article.  (Just kidding, but essentially, that’s really the bottom line – […]

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12 Jun

How Long Does A Car Accident Settlement Take With A Lawyer?

It’s one of most frequently asked questions that injured car accident victims Google – how long does a car accident settlement take with a lawyer? If you were injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault, you can get a monetary […]

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22 May

How Much Does A Car Accident Lawyer Cost?

“How much does a car accident lawyer cost?” is one of the most frequently searched questions related to car accidents in Florida.  It’s a valid question – everyone wants to know when they’ve been in an accident if they can afford to […]

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15 May

Help! I Just Got In A Car Accident – What Do I Do Now? (A Comprehensive Checklist!)

Oh no – we’re so sorry you got in a car accident! It’s no one’s idea of a good day.  At best, it’s a disruption to your busy schedule; at worst, it can be a life-changing experience, if you sustain permanent injuries […]

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8 May

What Do I Do If I Was In A Car Accident In Florida But I Don’t Have Insurance?

Getting into any type of car accident in Florida – even if it’s a “minor” fender bender – can ruin anyone’s day. Car repair costs were NOT in your monthly budget, and neither were medical bills, if you sustained any injuries in […]

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21 Apr

3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try To Settle A Car Accident Injury Claim Without A Lawyer

Injured in a car accident? Can you settle a car accident injury claim without a lawyer? Even if it was pretty bad, you may not think it’s bad enough to need a lawyer – surely it can’t be that difficult to file […]

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5 Apr

How Much Does A Lawyer Get From A Car Accident Settlement?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions, and it is also the reason some people are hesitant to reach out to a lawyer after getting into a car accident. Many people think that hiring a lawyer will cost them more […]

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1 Mar

do you have a case?

If you’ve driven anywhere in Florida, you have seen a ton of billboards advertising for attorneys who can get you cash for your injuries (maybe one of the one’s you’ve seen was ours!).  “You may have a case!”, sometimes these billboards will […]

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26 Feb

Opt Out Of A Class Action

If you were injured due to a defective vehicle, you may be part of a class action lawsuit (whether or not you have been notified of that!). Class action lawsuits can be confusing. You may not understand how they work, what’s required […]

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17 Feb

defective vehicle

The overwhelming majority of car accidents are caused by driver error. Someone was texting, speeding, weaving in and out of lanes, not paying attention to the traffic signs, thinking they could make a U-turn…there is no shortage of carelessness and recklessness on […]

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