23 Feb

Pedestrians Can Die in Collisions With Trucks

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Pedestrians Can Die in Collisions With Trucks

Large commercial trucks can cause serious injuries whenever they crash. In addition, severe injuries can occur anytime a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle. When a large truck collides into a pedestrian, however, the resulting injuries are often life-threatening or fatal.

An accident in Tampa in early 2018 demonstrates just how dangerous pedestrian-truck accidents can be. According to reports, a large dump truck was making a left turn from Highway 301 to Sligh Avenue when it hit a pedestrian crossing the street. The pedestrian was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. Authorities indicated that the truck had a green turn arrow and the pedestrian stepped out in front of the truck. The dump truck driver was not charged with any crime.

Liability in Fatal Pedestrian Accidents

In the above accident, it seems that the truck had the right-of-way and the pedestrian acted negligently in crossing in front of the turning truck. However, this is not the case in many situations. Many pedestrian accidents occur due to negligent drivers and this can include negligent truck drivers.

When you think of a large commercial truck, you likely think of a semi-truck or tractor-trailer traveling the highways. In reality, commercial trucks come in many sizes and types, including many trucks that drive around residential or commercial neighborhoods on smaller roads every day in close proximity to pedestrians. Some trucks that may commonly be involved in pedestrian accidents include:

  • UPS or FedEx delivery trucks
  • Garbage and recycling trucks
  • Trucks delivering goods to local stores
  • Fire trucks and emergency vehicles
  • Dump trucks and other construction equipment
  • Moving trucks

These are all large vehicles that can be difficult to maneuver along smaller streets and neighborhoods. Therefore, drivers should always take the utmost of care to keep other motorists and pedestrians safe.

It only takes a moment of distraction or other negligence for a truck to hit a pedestrian. For example, a garbage truck may regularly encounter people walking along the street or crossing the streets in residential areas. If a driver is not paying close attention, they may not be able to slow down or stop in time to avoid crashing into a pedestrian. This is only one of many examples of how deadly pedestrian-truck accidents can occur.

If a loved one has died in a pedestrian accident, you may have the right under Florida law to file a wrongful death claim to recover for your many damages. Wrongful death cases can be complicated and you need the right law firm on your side that has extensive experience handling this type of case.

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