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Your Top Questions About Personal Injury Cases Answered


Your Top Questions About Personal Injury Cases Answered

Navigating a personal injury case can be extremely overwhelming as there are many legal intricacies that can be challenging to understand. You’re likely feeling unsure of what to do next, and it doesn’t help that you’re also in the midst of physically recovering from your injuries. Between the physical and legal implications of your personal injury, you probably have a few questions you need answered. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, rideshare accident, drunk driving accident, slip and fall accident, or something else, it’s crucial that you understand your legal rights in a personal injury case so that you can reach a favorable result. In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the top questions you might be wondering about with your personal injury case so you can successfully navigate this difficult time. 

  • What Should I Do Immediately After Being Injured In An Accident?

When you’re injured in any kind of accident, one of the top questions that comes to mind is likely, “What do I do next?” It’s paramount that you seek medical attention before you do anything else. A medical professional needs to examine you after an accident so that they can assess your injuries and you can get the proper treatment. Many people make the mistake of assuming they are fine if there aren’t any visible injuries, however, it is possible for invisible injuries like concussions, internal bleeding, and spine injuries to occur. These are all injuries that aren’t immediately obvious which is why it is necessary to see a doctor who can determine what kind of injuries you’ve sustained and guide you through the next steps. 

  • Do I Need A Personal Injury Lawyer?

While you aren’t required by law to obtain a personal injury lawyer, a top question people ask is if they really need one. Having a personal injury attorney on your side can give you a significant advantage in reaching a favorable outcome in your case. There are several obstacles that all accident victims face in a personal injury case, but perhaps one of the biggest is negotiating with the insurance company of the negligent driver who caused your accident, and sometimes even your own insurance company.  While they’d like you to believe otherwise, insurance companies only look out for themselves, so they’ll do what they can to devalue or deny your claims so they can save money. They know that accidents aren’t just straining physically, but financially as well, therefore they’ll likely lowball you an offer that is significantly less than what your injuries are worth because they believe you’ll be up to your head in medical bills and desperate enough to take it. Personal injury attorneys are familiar with tactics like these and can help you get around them. Insurance companies also tend to take you more seriously when you have a professional on your side. 

If you’re unsure of whether or not you even have a valid case for personal injury, you should consult with an attorney before moving forward. 

  • How Long Can I Wait Before Filing A Personal Injury Case?

In the state of Florida, the majority of personal injury claims can be filed within 4 years from the date of the accident. If you don’t take action within that time frame, you’ll be barred from doing so. There are, however, a few exceptions to the statute of limitations, including

  • If the victim of the accident is deemed incapacitated after 4 years pass, but no more than 7. 
  • If the person who caused the injury (the defendant) left the state of Florida before a lawsuit could be filed.
  • If the victim took steps to conceal themselves to prevent the claim process from taking place. 
  • How Can I Strengthen My Case To Reach The Best Outcome? 

If you’re hoping to recover the maximum amount of damages from your personal injury case, it is crucial to have all of the necessary documents prepared to support your claim. These documents include medical records showing hospital visits, surgeries, medication, witness statements, accident reports, photographs, insurance information, and any other sufficient evidence that can assist in solidifying your right to compensation.

  • Do I Have To Go To Court For My Personal Injury Case?

While you might need to go to court to reach a fair settlement, it isn’t always a part of the process. Many personal injury cases are resolved through negotiations and settlements that take place outside of court. When you work with a personal injury attorney, they can help you reach an agreement with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. If a fair settlement cannot be arranged, then your case might need to go to court. However, if this is the case, they can explain the process and guide you through the steps of the lawsuit process.

  • What Mistakes Should I Avoid Making After a Personal Injury?

Navigating recovery and the legal intricacies of a personal injury can be daunting. In addition to the pain that you’re in, you’re up to your head in medical bills, likely taking time off of work to recover (creating greater financial strain) and wondering how you’re going to get compensated for what you’ve endured. Dealing with all of these things simultaneously can make it difficult to make informed decisions, which can lead to mistakes, compromise, or delay your case. Below are a few of the common mistakes anyone injured in an accident should avoid:

  • Leaving the site of the accident without filing a police report (Evidence needed to support your claim)
  • Not seeking medical attention to assess your injuries and provide proof of injury.
  • Waiting too long to file a claim.
  • Accepting the first offer, which is likely worth less than your injuries are. 
  • And more!

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