8 Feb

personal injury lawyer in tampa florida

Millions of Americans receive Social Security benefits. They may be eligible because of their age, employment status, disability, or income level. For example, Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) provides benefits for people with disabilities, while Supplemental Security Income (SSI) provides benefits for […]

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20 Jun

Staying Safe on the Fourth of July—Part 1

This Fourth of July, thousands of people in the Tampa area will celebrate our nation’s independence. Traditional Independence Day celebrations often involve gathering with friends and family, watching fireworks shows, firing up backyard barbecues, getting out on the water, and other activities. […]

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25 May

Truck Accident Lawyer Tampa Florida

According to the Tampa Bay Times, a rollover accident near the Gandy Bridge caused major traffic issues and sent at least one man to the hospital in late March. A garbage truck and a pickup truck were headed westbound towards the bridge […]

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11 May

Boating Accident Tampa Florida

With summer just around the corner and warm temperatures upon us, many people in the Tampa, Florida area will soon take to the water in boats and other watercraft. Boating is an activity that thousands of locals in the area enjoy regularly. […]

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23 Feb

Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Tampa Florida

Pedestrians Can Die in Collisions With Trucks Large commercial trucks can cause serious injuries whenever they crash. In addition, severe injuries can occur anytime a pedestrian is hit by a motor vehicle. When a large truck collides into a pedestrian, however, the […]

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26 Jan

Personal Injury Attorney Tampa Florida

Heights make many of us uncomfortable for good reasons. Falling from even a few feet has the potential to result in serious injuries, and falls from several stories up can cause catastrophic results. In many cases, people who fall from open stairwells, […]

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11 Dec

Personal Injury Lawyer Florida

Stores Are Prime Locations for Slip and Fall Accidents You can slip and fall anywhere—while walking down the sidewalk or even in your own home. However, a common location for this type of accident is a retail store. When people go shopping […]

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4 Dec

Have You Been in a Food Truck Accident?

Have You Been in a Food Truck Accident? The past few years have seen an increase in mobile cuisine in the Tampa area in the form of food trucks. Food trucks are highly popular, and people can follow the locations of many […]

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20 Nov

Personal Injury Florida Lawyer

Can I Reopen a Personal Injury Case? You settled your insurance or personal injury claim awhile ago, and at the time you were thrilled with the result. However, since your case was closed, you realized you needed ongoing medical care for much […]

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25 Sep

Personal Injury Lawyers in Florida

If you have suffered an injury, you undoubtedly want to try and forget about it and move on with your life. Many people are overwhelmed by the insurance claim process and—to put the accident behind them—are willing to take whatever their insurance […]

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