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If you were injured in a collision that happened because someone was racing, weaving in and out of lanes, exhibiting road rage or otherwise driving recklessly, our aggressive attorneys will fight for the full amount you deserve! 

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Reckless driving isn’t just bad driving – of course, instances of both are everywhere in Sarasota. Florida law defines reckless driving as “willful or wanton disregard for the safety of people or property”. For example, speeding 10 miles over the limit could be dangerous, but isn’t a total disregard for others’ safety as much as it is probably trying to cut a few minutes off the commute; speeding 50 miles over the limit, however, does disregard the safety of others on the road, and is reckless. 

When reckless drivers cause a crash, they are often given a major ticket or even arrested, depending on the circumstances. Reckless driving is criminally punishable under Florida law with fines and jail time, especially when it causes injuries. However, reckless driving can also be punishable by a civil lawsuit filed by victims. If you have been injured by a reckless driver, you (or your attorney) will only have to prove that the driver:

  1. Owed you a duty of care
  2. Breached that duty of care 
  3. The breach caused an injury
  4. The injury led to damages

This means that it is much easier to prove negligence via a civil lawsuit than it is to convict in a criminal case, but civil and criminal courts are completely different. If the reckless driver who hurt you is acquitted, it doesn’t mean your lawsuit will be thrown out or lost, and vice versa. But winning a lawsuit against a reckless driver when injuries are involved can provide so much closure and peace of mind knowing that they are being held accountable, at least financially, for the harm their actions have caused! Our Sarasota reckless driving injury lawyers work to ensure your lawsuit has the best chances of success. 

Potential damages our Sarasota reckless driving injury lawyers may be able to recover:

  • Medical bills – Any medical expenses you incur as a result of the accident may be sought in a settlement. 

  • Physical therapy – Physical therapy costs, rehabilitation costs, and chiropractic care costs are not often thought of as medical bills but they are certainly categorized as medical expenses; these can also be sought in a settlement. 

  • Dental work – If you needed emergency dental care or dental work done following the accident because of the reckless driver’s actions, you can seek compensation for these bills. 

  • Counseling – Accidents are not devastating physically; they can also cause a host of emotional concerns. If you suffer from a form of PTSD, or increased anxiety, therapy is expensive; a lawsuit can compensate you for expenses related to your mental health care. 

  • Lost wages – If you had to take weeks or months off work to heal before you could return to work, or use up paid leave time, or if the accident left you permanently disabled, lost wages should be part of your settlement. 

  • Pain and suffering – The pain you feel due to your injuries isn’t always quantifiable, but it is real, and you deserve to be paid fairly for the physical suffering you endure!

  • Punitive damages – In order to discourage reckless driving, which is a criminal and dangerous offense, some judges or juries may award punitive damages, designed to set an example for other would-be reckless drivers. These are additional damages you can win in a settlement! 

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