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Sarasota is a beautiful city to walk around – you’ve got St. Armand’s Circle, the John Ringling causeway, the beaches, and various parks and trails; the bad news is that Sarasota actually ranked in the top 20 deadliest pedestrian areas in the entire country. If you were hit by a car while walking, jogging, crossing the street, or while you were on foot in any capacity, you are not alone, and you have rights! You shouldn’t have to pay for the costs of your medical expenses if you weren’t the one at fault. 

The Florida Law Group has helped hundreds of pedestrians just like you recover damages. We can make a claim, communicate and negotiate with the insurance company of the driver who hit you (or your own insurance company, if the driver didn’t have insurance), and ensure that the insurance company doesn’t devalue your injuries to protect their bottom line. Call our firm today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your next steps!

What expenses can I seek in a settlement?

Any costs that were directly a result of the crash, and that are not covered by your PIP benefits (personal injury protection), you may be able to recover compensation for, including: 

  • Hospitalization
  • Surgery
  • Imaging tests (X-rays, MRIs, etc.)
  • Medications
  • Braces, crutches, wheelchair, slings, etc.
  • Emergency room or intensive unit care 
  • Physical therapy 
  • Dental work 
  • Chiropractic care 
  • Rehabilitation 
  • Lost wages 
  • Future lost wages/loss of earning potential
  • Loss of enjoyment
  • Pain and suffering 
  • And more. 

The responsible driver’s insurance company may be liable to pay you for the costs of your injuries! 

What if it was a hit and run?

Hit and runs are illegal, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t common occurrences (unfortunately). However, even if someone hit you and left the scene, and even if the police never find that person, you still have a case! Our Sarasota pedestrian injury lawyers can seek damages through your own auto personal injury protection (PIP) insurance policy or through your uninsured motorist (UM) coverage. 

What if I was partially at fault?

Many times, pedestrian accidents are a combination of a careless driver and a pedestrian who also wasn’t paying attention as closely as they should have been. Most of the time, pedestrians have the right of way, but if you were jaywalking, wearing dark clothing, or contributed at all to the accident, you may be found to be partially at fault. It doesn’t mean that you can’t get any compensation, though! Florida follows a comparative negligence standard. This means that as long as the accident was over 50% the other person’s fault, you can still recover damages up to the percentage of the fault that was attributed to you. 

For example, if the other person was speeding and texting, but you walked while the hand (wait) sign was still up on the crosswalk, they may be found to be 75% at fault for the crash, but you may be found to be 25% at fault. If the damages awarded are $10,000, you would only be able to recover $7,500. 

Why do I need an attorney?

When you’re healing from a bad accident, the last thing you want to be doing is calling insurance companies, and waiting on hold, and sorting through paperwork, only to be met with frustration. The claims process is confusing. PIP benefits are limited. And insurance companies will do everything in their power to deny or devalue your claim so that they can keep more money in their pockets. Without legal representation, you have to fight for yourself, and they may not take you seriously. Our attorneys can take care of everything for you; we know all the tactics they will use and how to effectively overcome them. With us on your side, you just get to focus on healing and let us take care of the rest!

Why choose FLG’s Sarasota pedestrian injury lawyers? 

Experts – Our managing attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a board certified civil trial specialist. His education, experience, and results make him an expert in all things personal injury law, including pedestrian accident claims! 

Willingness to go to trial – Many attorneys don’t have the trial experience or prowess that we do. If negotiating doesn’t result in what we believe is a fair offer, we’re not afraid to put your case before a judge and jury in order to get you the highest possible amount! 

Experienced – Our firm has been winning injury compensation for pedestrians since 1984! We put decades of knowledge and practice to work for you; you can rely on us to offer seasoned legal guidance that will make a difference and give you an advantage. 

Risk-Free Pricing – We know you’re in a tough financial position – that’s why you don’t have to pay anything for our legal services until we recover a settlement (at which time we are paid as a percentage, and not out of your own pocket). If we get you nothing, you owe us nothing! 

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