Injured In An E-Bike Crash In Orlando? We’ll Fight For You!

If you were injured in an e-bike crash that wasn’t your fault (whether you were the rider of the e-bike, or another driver, or cyclist, or pedestrian), you deserve maximum monetary compensation for your injuries! Being injured is expensive regardless of the circumstances; however, e-bike accidents tend to be severe, especially if you were the unprotected e-bike rider. You shouldn’t shoulder the full financial burden when someone else’s negligence was to blame! Call The Florida Law Group’s award-winning Orlando e-bike accident lawyers to find out how we can increase your chances at a successful claim. Schedule a free consultation today! 

Damages You May Be Owed

The total cost of your injuries could be anywhere from a few thousand to tens of thousands to even hundreds of thousands of dollars; you may incur costs related to:

    • Ambulatory transport
    • Emergency room care
    • Hospitalization
    • Intensive unit care
    • Blood transfusions
    • Imaging tests (X-rays, CT scans, MRIs)
    • Surgeries
    • Rehabilitation
    • Physical therapy
    • Chiropractic care 

You may have to take time off work without pay while you recover, or use up paid sick days or vacation time. You might lose out on quality sleep for a while because of your pain; you may have to cancel travel plans, or pause your gym membership, or miss out on activities you otherwise may have enjoyed. Some injuries, sadly, will never fully heal, requiring lifelong treatment. 

Who Is Responsible?

Florida is a “no fault” state. This doesn’t mean that no one was at fault for your accident; it just means that who is responsible for paying is a little more complicated!

If you had auto insurance, your PIP (personal injury protection) coverage will pay benefits first – up to 80% of approved emergency medical costs, up to 60% of lost wages, and up to $2,500 for non-emergent medical costs. PIP is fine, but it likely won’t cover all of the costs you’ll incur if you’re injured. For example, say you suffer a few herniated discs as a result of the crash; those may not be considered “emergency” costs, but you may have to pay for therapy, medications, injections or surgeries down the road, and that can add up to be way more than a couple grand. 

You have the right to seek damages from the responsible party, or their insurer, if PIP does not cover all of your expenses. Additionally, e-bike riders in Florida are not required to carry insurance, so if you were a rider injured in a crash, this may be your only option to get paid. Another driver may be at fault. The company that manufactured the e-bike may be at fault, if a defect in the bike cause your crash (for example, if the e-bike was classified incorrectly, or if it went above the maximum legal speed, or if a part didn’t function as it was supposed to). The city government may even be at fault in some cases for creating unsafe bike lanes or not properly maintaining roads and sidewalks. 

Our Orlando e-bike accident lawyers can investigate your accident to help you determine the correct party to seek damages from and make a strong claim!

How Our Orlando E-Bike Accident Lawyers Can Help

Without legal representation on your side, getting insurance companies or other entities to take you seriously is a frustrating, and likely fruitless, endeavor. These parties lose money when they pay out claims to accident victims, so they will do everything in their power to deny fault and/or offer you a lowball settlement. The Florida Law Group can advocate for your rights to make sure that you get paid a fair amount that reflects what your injuries are actually worth! 

We will take care of all the paperwork and communications for you so you can rest and focus on recovering. If negotiations aren’t successful, we’re not afraid to take your case to trial! Our lead attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a board certified civil trial specialist – an expert in accident injury lawsuits. To date, our firm has recovered over $1 billion for our clients. We’re dedicated to winning for you! 

How Much Does It Cost?

Scheduling a consultation to find out whether or not you have a case and discuss your legal options and next steps is entirely free of charge, and there is no obligation. We believe that everyone, regardless of ability to pay, deserves quality representation, so we charge on a contingency fee basis; this means that you don’t have to pay us any legal fees until we win your case, at which point we are paid as a percentage of your winnings. Essentially, our services are financially risk-free to you! You have nothing to lose, and much to gain. Call now to schedule your free consult!