Were you injured in an accident because your vehicle malfunctioned due to defective parts? You shouldn’t be responsible for the monetary damages your accident and injuries can accrue. The Florida Law Group’s Fort Myers auto product liability lawyers are prepared to fight for maximum compensation on your behalf. 

A majority of vehicle accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence. Drivers run stop signs, get distracted by their phones, or drive while intoxicated or fatigued. However, some accidents and injuries are caused by a vehicle malfunctioning and failing to protect you the way that it is supposed to. Types of common defects include but are not limited to the following:

    • Defective tires
    • Defective seatbacks & seatbelts
    • Defective airbags
    • Defective brakes
    • Defective steering
    • Electrical system failure
    • Windshield wiper malfunctions
    • Faulty doors
    • And more! 

Road conditions and weather can change at any given moment, so it is crucial that each part of your vehicle is running and working the way that it is intended to. While manufacturers have strict standards for each vehicle and safety requirements that must be met, there are certain defects that are unfortunately not caught before a vehicle is released and sold. Sometimes this is due to manufacturers cutting corners in order to save themselves money and time. When proper testing isn’t done to every vehicle, that’s when its defects can pose a threat to your safety. 

However, manufacturers have strict liability for any defective vehicles sold; this means that even if they did everything they should have done in terms of following safety standards, they are legally responsible for your injuries should the car malfunction. 

Expenses Related To The Accident

When you’re in an accident, the cost of your injuries can add up quickly. You could find yourself having to cover the cost of hospital stays, ambulance transport, medications, surgeries, physical therapy, x-rays, CT scans, body casts or wheelchairs and even more. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be required to take weeks or even months off of work to recover, which only creates more financial strife due to a lack of earnings. Being in a vehicle accident can also cause emotional trauma that may require psychiatric therapy, which is not covered by most insurances. 

All of these expenses could add up to  hundreds of thousands of dollars. How is it fair that you have to incur debt or struggle to stay afloat so you can cover the costs that a malfunctioning vehicle caused? The vehicle manufacturers should be covering these expenses so you can focus on healing! 

What The Florida Law Group Can Do For You

Unfortunately, manufacturers’ insurance companies look out for themselves more than they look out for injured accident victims, so they will often attempt to deny or devalue your claims in order to protect themselves and save money. They will have a strong defense, so securing a fair settlement is a challenge. That is why you need to work with Fort Myers auto product liability lawyers who have ample experience in winning clients their deserved compensation. At The Florida Law Group, we aren’t afraid to fight for you and we’re ready to pursue maximum restitution from the manufacturer or their insurance company. We do what we can to get you the amount that your injuries are actually worth!

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We understand how frightening and overwhelming an accident can be. You deserve to be compensated fully! If you’ve been injured because of a vehicle malfunction, call today to speak to a Fort Myers auto product liability lawyer at The Florida Law Group. We want to make hard times easier for you! Schedule your free consultation now.