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Seeking Justice for Your Elderly Loved Ones

According to statistics, millions of elderly Americans are said to suffer from abuse, with only one out of five cases getting reported. That is why our Tampa nursing home abuse lawyers at The Florida Law Group are passionate about pursuing justice for the elderly and their families. If you are currently facing this distressing situation, our firm can help you take legal action to secure justice. We have recovered millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.

Led by a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist, our legal team is dedicated to advocating for the rights of victims of nursing home abuse and we can use our more than 100 years of collective experience to fight for your rights. At The Florida Law Group, we are committed to holding abusive and negligent individuals accountable for their actions.

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While many people think of physical attacks or assault when they hear the words “elder abuse,” it can actually encompass much more than that. Due to the fact that many elderly citizens require assistance, they are made to be dependent on others. Sadly, some take advantage of this dependence and use it in a negative and destructive manner.

The following can all be considered elder abuse and may occur within nursing homes:

  • Choking, hitting, pushing, or even sedating a resident
  • Failing to provide proper hydration and nutrition
  • Sexually abusing or assaulting a resident in any way
  • Emotionally abusing a resident through verbal or nonverbal acts
  • Neglecting to care for a resident, such as failing to provide proper hygiene
  • Financial exploitation or abuse through misuse of a resident’s funds

Any of these incidents can lead to tragic results, even wrongful death in certain cases. That is why it is so important to remain as involved as possible in the care of your elderly loved one. Investigate even the slightest suspicion of nursing home abuse.

Identifying Signs of Potential Elder Abuse

So how do you identify when these terrible acts of abuse are occurring? Sometimes they are not as straightforward as you would expect. Your elderly loved one may be too afraid to come forward with a complaint or may not be fully aware of what is happening to them. Regardless, you have the opportunity to protect them from further abuse by remaining aware of any suspicious activity.

Keep an eye out for the following types of signs that may indicate abuse:

  • Unexplained burns, abrasions, cuts, or bruises
  • Lack of hygiene or sudden weight loss
  • Fear or emotional discomfort around caregiver or staff member
  • Sudden transfer or change in financial holdings
  • Lack of eye contact, communication, or desire for social interaction

Under the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987, all patients have the right to be treated fairly, make independent choices if possible, and maintain the right to privacy, dignity, and respect. They also have the right to the security of their possessions and to make a complaint without fear of retaliation. If you believe your loved one has been denied any of these rights, you need to take swift action. At The Florida Law Group, we are more than prepared to advocate on your behalf as you pursue justice for your elderly loved one. We can investigate their case and guide you through whatever legal steps are necessary.

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