Did you or a loved one sustain severe injuries after being involved in a crash with a commercial truck? The Florida Law Group’s Wesley Chapel attorneys can help you recover the compensation you deserve!

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Because of how large commercial trucks are compared to the average passenger vehicle, collisions on roads and interstates involving vehicles like semi-trucks, flatbeds, or 18 wheelers can be deadly. In fact, the rate of fatalities occurring in large truck crashes is increasing (it rose by 23% between 2010-2017). If everyone survives, serious injuries are usually incurred by the driver or passengers in the smaller vehicle(s). Injured truck accident victims can find their lives changed forever by the physically, emotionally, and financially devastating effects of their injuries. When you were involved in a truck accident, and the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t suffer without financial restitution. Our skilled Wesley Chapel truck accident injury attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for our clients and will relentlessly advocate for you to get the justice you and your family are owed!

Truck accident injury cases can be extremely challenging to litigate because of the number of potential causes, the various parties who could share liability, the unwillingness of insurance companies to pay out the full value of a claim, and the number of state and federal laws in place that protect the trucking industry. That is why it is important to have an aggressive law firm you trust on your side that is not intimidated by the prospect of a complicated case! The Florida Law Group’s Wesley Chapel legal team is ranked among the top 1% of personal injury law firms by the Trial Lawyer Board of Regents, a prestigious legal organization. Contact us today for a free case evaluation! We have the knowledge and expertise you need to win your case.

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Truck accidents typically cause much more catastrophic damage than other accident types. If you were involved in a crash with a commercial truck, you may be facing enormous medical costs related to hospital bills, medications, doctor and specialist visits, surgeries, therapy and rehabilitation, and more. You may need to take time off of work for a few weeks or indefinitely, missing out on wages. And the cost of your lost enjoyment or peace while you endure pain from your injuries is also expensive.

The amount you stand to receive in a settlement will affect how quickly and completely you are able to heal and live your life to the fullest. While you recover, our firm focuses on recovering all of the damages you deserve! Our Wesley Chapel attorneys can help you understand your rights as well as the true value of your case. We work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you only pay for our legal services after you obtain a settlement!

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We don’t give up on our clients, no matter how demanding or complex their truck accident injury cases are. The Florida Law Group is determined to hold negligent parties accountable for wrongful injuries. We have a winning reputation for securing significant settlements, and we are ready to navigate any legal maneuver we encounter. Our firm has been nationally recognized by the Best Lawyers in Tampa Bay, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, the Best Lawyers in America®, Avvo, the New York Times, and CBS Evening News. All truck accident cases have a statute of limitations, so don’t wait to call one of our attorneys to discuss your legal options!