Distracted driving can cause serious car accidents that can leave victims permanently or severely injured. When your injuries are not your fault, trust The Florida Law Group’s Wesley Chapel distracted driver accident lawyers to help you recover maximum compensation! Call now for a free case evaluation.

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Did you know that the state of Florida reports the most distracted driving incidents in the entire United States? The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles collected data that suggested that distracted driving led to five crashes every hour in 2016, resulting in more than 3,500 serious injuries and 233 deaths. While Florida recently passed a law that makes texting and driving a primary offense, a move that will hopefully reduce the number of distracted driving accidents, texting and driving isn’t the only thing that can take a driver’s attention off the road…changing the radio, tending to children in the backseat, putting on makeup, scanning emails, or eating are all examples of distracted driving. Not all of these actions are illegal, but they are all dangerous. If a driver takes their eyes off of the road for 5 seconds, traveling at 55 mph, that means they essentially travel 400+ feet, or the length of an entire football field, without actually looking at the road.

If you were hit and injured by a distracted driver, you have rights. The costs associated with treating your injuries may be expensive, and you should not have to endure pain and suffering without financial restitution! Our experienced, compassionate distracted driver accident lawyers can help you understand your legal options and advocate for your best interests. Call now to start making a solid claim for compensation!

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If you were hurt by someone else’s reckless actions, the other driver should be held accountable and you should be fully compensated for your injuries. However, insurance companies will often try to minimize or invalidate your claim because it protects their bottom line. It is hard to fight for yourself when you are injured, which is why you need to enlist quality representation! The Florida Law Group will recover damages so you can just focus on recovering. Our Wesley Chapel distracted driver accident lawyers are not intimidated by insurance companies and will guide you each step of the way until you receive the compensation you deserve. We are not afraid to go to trial if necessary!

The settlement you seek may include damages for costs related to hospitalizations, surgeries, physical therapy and rehabilitation, doctor and specialist visits, medication, lost wages, and more. We will help you to discover the true value of your case! The Florida Law Group has recovered millions of dollars for our Wesley Chapel clients, which has earned us a spot in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum®. Our law firm has been featured in the Tampa Bay Times, the New York Times, 20/20, ABC, and more. You can count on our Wesley Chapel distracted driver lawyers to get you a favorable verdict!

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Injuries sustained in a car accident that was caused by a distracted driver can be emotionally, physically, and financially devastating. That’s why The Florida Law Group exists – our team of aggressive, experienced trial attorneys will go the extra mile to guarantee that you and your family get justice, in the form of the amount you need to heal. Our lead attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist, a rare distinction that only 1% of lawyers nationwide can claim. We proudly offer our legal services to Wesley Chapel clients on a contingency-fee basis, meaning that we do not get paid unless we win your case! Don’t wait – call our office today for a free case evaluation!