Truck accidents can result in catastrophic injuries; when semis or other large trucks collide with smaller vehicles, the damage is usually devastating. In the state of Florida, about 32,000 truck accidents happen a year and 140,000 people are seriously injured. In 2023, there were 330 fatal crashes involving trucks or other large commercial vehicles, according to data from the Department of Transportation. 

Unfortunately, most of these collisions are caused by driver error – speeding, tailgating, being fatigued, etc. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident because of a truck driver’s negligence, you shouldn’t be the one fronting the cost of medical bills when the accident wasn’t your fault! Our aggressive, highly skilled Florida truck accident lawyers have years of experience helping truck accident victims recover damages for the injuries they’ve suffered. You can trust The Florida Law Group! 

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***This page was recently updated as of 2024 to reflect the most accurate information in accordance with Florida laws.***

Truck Accident Injuries Are Among The Most Expensive 

The costs of treating your injuries from a truck accident can add up quickly. You might find yourself facing thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills, which you likely don’t have just sitting around! Depending on how serious your injuries are, you may have to pay for things like: 

  • Hospital stay
  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Ambulance
  • Transport
  • Physical therapy
  • Dental reconstruction
  • CT scans
  • MRIs
  • X-rays
  • Bloodwork
  • Copays & deductibles
  • Doctor follow-ups and more. 

It’s possible that in order to recover fully from your accident, you have to take days, weeks, or even a few months off work. If your injuries are extreme, you may not be able to go back to work. This can make financial matters even more difficult as your stream of income might be affected if you can’t collect disability or run out of PTO. You might also suffer mentally as truck accidents can be a traumatic event to go through and mental health therapy isn’t something most insurances cover. 

Your personal injury protection policy, which every driver in Florida is required to carry, can help cover a portion of these costs, but PIP doesn’t cover everything, and neither will your health insurance (if you have it). 

You Have The Right To Take Action!

It’s important you know that you have the right to take legal action and seek maximum compensation from the at-fault truck driver’s insurance company for the remaining costs!

Unfortunately, their insurance company, and even your own, is usually looking to avoid paying out fair settlements because this means that they lose money. Their MO is to try to deny or devalue your injury claims and offer you a settlement that is nowhere near the true value of your injuries. That’s why it is crucial that you work with our Florida truck accident lawyers who can help you get the compensation you actually deserve. Having one of our knowledgeable injury attorneys on your side will force the insurance companies to take you seriously and will give you more negotiation power in reaching the maximum settlement amount! 

Our truck accident attorneys are familiar with federal trucking laws, Florida’s accident and insurance laws, the local court systems, and the dishonest tactics insurance companies may use. You can trust that our knowledge will give you an advantage and that we’ll work diligently to help you get the money you deserve!

Pricing Model

At The Florida Law Group, our Florida truck accident lawyers work on a contingency basis. This means that you do not pay us out of your own pocket; our legal fees are contingent upon us recovering a settlement for you! Only if and when we win your case are our legal fees repaid directly from your settlement amount. If we don’t win, you don’t owe us anything! 

About Our Florida Truck Accident Lawyers 

When you work with The Florida Law Group, you can be confident that you are getting elite representation. Our lead attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a board certified civil trial specialist who has been recognized for his education and expertise in this field of law! We have recovered over $1 billion for our clients to date, and frequently recover sizable settlements in single cases (like when we were awarded $900,000 for one truck accident victim!). Our cases have been featured in many high profile news outlets, and we have been named in the National Trial Lawyers Top 100 (among many other accolades!). 

How The Florida Law Group Can Help You

We are one of Florida’s oldest and most reputable personal injury firms. Since 1982, we’ve been helping accident victims stand up for their rights and get what they deserve when they’re injured in an accident they didn’t cause. Our dedicated attorneys have 100+ years of combined experience using their knowledge and skills to combat any legal maneuvers that could keep you from receiving compensation. 

Because we know how overwhelming being involved in a truck accident, or any accident, can be, we have a passion for helping our clients through difficult times. We aim to make this legal process as simple and as pain-free as possible. 

If you’ve been injured in a truck accident or other type of accident, call our Florida truck accident lawyers today to schedule a free consultation and learn about your next steps! 

Florida Truck Accident FAQs

Florida Is A No-Fault State – Does That Mean I Can’t Sue?

No! It’s true that Florida is a no-fault state, but this doesn’t mean that no one was at fault for the crash or that no one can be held liable. They certainly can be! What it does mean is that you have to make a claim for PIP benefits first. However, you do have the right to sue the negligent truck driver if they were at fault for the crash! For a full breakdown of Florida’s no-fault laws, read our blog. 

What If I Was Also Responsible For The Crash?

Many accidents are a combination of factors. Florida follows a modified comparative negligence standard that went into law in 2023; this change means that if multiple parties were responsible for a collision, they can recover the damages pursuant to the percentage of fault they share as long as it is less than 50%. So for example – say that the truck driver was intoxicated, but you were texting at the time of the crash. The truck driver hit your vehicle. Maybe you are found to be 40% at fault for the crash. If the damages awarded are $100,000, you may only be able to recover $60,000. The truck driver would not be able to recover anything. 

How Much Can I Recover?

It depends – the value of your case depends on the extent and severity of your injuries, the circumstances of the accident, and other factors. The best way to find out how much you stand to gain in terms of injury compensation is to speak with an attorney (like our Florida truck accident lawyers). 

Do I Really Need A Lawyer?

Yes – if you want to recover the maximum amount of compensation possible! You can attempt to file a claim on your own, but research has shown that having a lawyer who can advocate for you is much more likely to get results. 

Will I Have To Go To Court?

It depends, but probably not – the vast majority of truck accident cases settle. However, if after assessing your case and attempting negotiation unsuccessfully, we believe that a judge or jury is likely to rule in your favor and give you a higher settlement than the insurance company is proposing, we won’t hesitate to fiercely advocate for your rights at trial. We can discuss the pros and cons of trial with you directly if that possibility arises.