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How Do I Pursue an Injury Claim Against My Landlord for Injuries at a Property I Lease?

Personal Injury Lawyer in Tampa FloridaWhen you lease a property, you anticipate that it’s going to meet your needs—including certain minimum safety standards. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. You may find yourself struggling with a landlord who fails to provide appropriate maintenance for the property you lease.

When that poor maintenance leads to injuries, you may have the right to file a claim against your landlord—but how do you file? What do you need to support your claim? Knowing how to proceed can help recover the compensation you deserve.

Start With a Lawyer

When you’re injured due to your landlord’s negligence or wrongful actions, start with the critical legal support you need. Your lawyer can act as the most effective weapon in your arsenal. An experienced landlord-tenant lawyer may:

  • Tell you what evidence you need to support your claim
  • Help you determine how to move forward, including avoiding incriminating yourself in the circumstances of your injury or giving your landlord too much information about your claim
  • File legal paperwork
  • Understand the situation surrounding your injury, your rights, and the damages you may receive as a result of your injuries

A skilled lawyer can tell you whether you have a valid claim that is worth pursuing, which can help you move forward from your injuries and get on with your life.

Collect Your Evidence

A lawyer will let you know what evidence you most need to prove negligence or wrongful conduct on the part of your landlord. This may include:

  • Photographic evidence of the area where the injury took place. Take pictures of the area as soon as possible after the accident. This may include pictures of the area that the landlord failed to maintain, including clear evidence of the danger.
  • Medical records confirming your injuries. This includes any medical records concerning your initial visit to the hospital or to urgent care as well as reports from your medical providers about the need for any future treatment. Photograph your injuries, if relevant, both immediately following the accident and as you heal.
  • Witness statements about the accident. Did anyone see your accident? Did they know what happened or who was at fault? If so, you may need witness statements as part of your evidence.
  • Communications between you and your landlord. Did you let your landlord know about a hazard on the property that required repair? Did the landlord ignore maintenance requests? According to your lease, who is responsible for maintenance on the property? All of these communications can form relevant evidence in your personal injury case.

Get the Legal Support You Need

If you were injured on a property that you lease, your landlord may face liability for your injuries. Seek out a legal team that will help you collect those damages. Email the Florida Law Group today, or call (813) 463-8880 to schedule your free consultation and to learn more about our legal services.

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