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The Florida Law Group was founded in Tampa and now operates six locations throughout the Greater Tampa Bay Area, with one of our offices in New Port Richey. Our attorneys in New Port Richey have over a century of combined experience assisting clients in recovering for their injuries from motor vehicle, motorcycle, bicycle, trucking, rideshare accidents and more.

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Developing an Effective Partnership with Clients

At The Florida Law Group, our attorneys are dedicated to the provision of truly client-oriented, collaborative advocacy. We go above and beyond for our clients in every possible way. Unlike our competitors, we aim to form effective partnerships with clients from the very beginning of the engagement process. Clients are assigned a staff team, headed by an attorney, to help guide them through litigation. This team will become experts on your particular lawsuit. They will get to know your claims inside-and-out, giving the team unique insight into how to effectively litigate on your behalf.

Our results stand as proof of the success of this client-oriented approach. Over the years, we have obtained hundreds of millions of dollars in favorable verdicts and settlements for our injured clients, helping them to obtain maximum compensation for their losses.

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One of The Florida Law Group’s six offices is located in New Port Richey so that we can better serve our clients in the area. Rather than funnel all of our clients into a central office, we make ourselves available to those in smaller communities so we can meet more frequently and develop a true partnership over the course of litigation. If you’ve been injured in an accident in or around New Port Richey, we encourage you to schedule an appointment to learn more about how we can help.

Call us today at 727-316-8165 or request an appointment online to schedule a free and confidential consultation with an experienced New Port Richey personal injury lawyer here at The Florida Law Group. During your initial consultation, we will evaluate your case and help you determine how best to move forward with your claims.

About New Port Richey, FL

New Port Richey, FL is a small suburban city within the Greater Tampa Bay Area, with a total population of roughly 16,000 according to recent estimates. New Port Richey has an interesting history that begins officially in 1924 when the area was incorporated. In its early years, the city attempted to style itself as a wealthy and beautiful community to welcome celebrities and other rich folks looking to summer in the area. Many luxury hotels, theaters, and mansions were built during this era. Though this plan did work in the initial stages, the Depression soon brought an end to the wealth-attracting dreams of New Port Richey, and in the following decades, the city has mostly remained a quiet community with no exceptional claim to wealth or stardom.

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