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Have you been injured in a car accident in or near Miami? In order to ensure that you are paid fairly by the insurance company, you need to enlist the help of an experienced personal injury attorney who focuses on vehicular accident cases.

The Florida Law Group has recovered over $1 billion dollars for injured accident victims around the state. Our Miami car accident injury lawyers have received numerous awards and recognitions for the ability to secure sizable settlements for our clients. You will never pay us until we win your case! Call our Miami office to schedule a free consultation today.

Why do I need a Miami car accident injury lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a car accident, we’re sorry for what you’re going through. We understand how devastating it can be to be hurt unexpectedly. A car accident has the potential to change your entire life, forever. Especially if the accident was caused by someone else, it can seem incredibly unfair to have to deal with all of the emotional, physical, and financial trauma of your injuries on your own – because it is! Insurance companies are supposed to cover the costs of the accident, but because they lose money when they pay out injury claims, they will do everything in their power to avoid paying you the full amount you deserve.

Depending on the extent of your injuries, their unwillingness to pay out your claim could leave you with thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars that you’ll pay out of pocket for expenses relating to ambulatory transport, emergency room care, surgeries, imaging tests like X-rays and MRIs, hospitalization, physical therapy, rehab, chiropractic care, medications, medical devices, copays, deductibles, and more. You may have to take weeks or months off of work to recover and miss out on pay. You may be in pain for months or years, and some injuries may never heal, requiring lifelong, expensive treatment.

Your best chance at getting the insurance company to pay for those costs lies with a knowledgeable attorney who is intimately familiar with state laws, local courts, and the insurance claims process. A skilled lawyer can explain your legal rights and options based on your situation, and give you an accurate estimation of what your case is worth. They can investigate the accident and negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf! Without an attorney on your side, there is little reason for the insurance company to take you seriously. Our Miami car accident injury lawyers can get them to offer a fair settlement or take them to trial in order to win damages.

What if I was partially at fault?

”Fault” in Florida is an interesting term. Florida is actually a “no-fault” state; this does not mean that no one is responsible for the accident, but it does mean parties are required to go through their own insurance companies first before taking legal action. Drivers in Florida are required to carry PIP coverage (personal injury protection) at a minimum of $10,000, but if your injuries are severe, your PIP coverage may not be enough. That’s when a lawsuit can be filed against the other party’s insurance company, if they contributed at all to the accident.

Florida uses a standard called “pure comparative negligence” when awarding damages to injured car accident victims based on how much each party contributed to the accident. This means that your involvement in the accident will affect how much you receive, but will not prevent you from recovering at all. For example, if you were texting, but an intoxicated driver ran a red light and hit your vehicle, they may be found to be 80% at fault and you may be found to be 20% at fault. If the damages in question were $100,000, you may only receive $80,000 instead of the full $100,000 (reduced by 20%).

Until a full investigation is made, however, you can’t know how much you were at fault for the accident because you don’t have the full picture. You don’t have all of the facts of the case – that’s a task for the investigators and attorneys – so don’t assume that you cannot recover damages just because you believe that you may be partially at fault for the accident! Our experienced Miami car accident injury lawyers can make a case for you to get compensation.

Why should I choose The Florida Law Group?

The Florida Law Group’s Miami car accident injury lawyers are highly recommended by past clients and by prestigious legal organizations! Since 1984, we have been offering the highest quality representation to victims. We have over 100 years of combined experience on our team, and it is not uncommon for us to win multi-million dollar settlements in individual cases. Our philosophy is to always treat every client like we would want our own family members to be treated; we go above and beyond to ensure that our help makes a positive difference in the lives of those we represent! When you work with us, you have access to attorneys who truly care about you and about the outcome of your case.

Many people are under the impression that hiring a lawyer is only for those who have wealth, but that’s not the case. At The Florida Law Group, we believe that everyone, regardless of their socioeconomic status, deserves justice, which is why we proudly offer all of our legal services on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will never pay us unless and until we win a settlement for you! Our fees come as a percentage of your winnings; if you don’t win, you don’t pay. We are incentivized to recover the highest amount possible and you can have peace of mind that you don’t have to pay anything upfront!

Our lead attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a board certified civil trial specialist, which is a rare distinction that few attorneys in the nation have earned. We have been recognized as one of the top law firms in the country by groups like The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, The Trial Lawyer Board Of Regents, Super Lawyers, Avvo, The Best Lawyers In America, The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and more. You can rely on our Miami car accident injury lawyers to relentlessly pursue the compensation you deserve!

What type of car accidents do you handle?

We handle a variety of vehicular accidents – motorcycle accidents, drunk driving accidents, distracted driving accidents, truck accidents, pedestrian accidents, and more. There is a statute of limitations on vehicular accidents, so it is important to call a lawyer as soon as possible after you’ve been injured. Call our office today to schedule a consultation and get started!