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It’s no secret that distracted driving can be deadly, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping reckless drivers from engaging the risk and endangering others on the roads. In 2019, the United States saw a nearly 10% increase in distracted driving fatalities (3,142, compared to 2018’s 2,858). Distracted driving accident deaths made up 8.7% of all accidents deaths reported that year. When the term “distracted driving” is used, many people assume that it means texting, but distraction encompasses much more than just sending a message, although texting is a huge part of the problem and the major culprit. Making phone calls, checking emails, rearranging the navigation, changing the radio station, eating, drinking, applying makeup, and turning around the talk to passengers in the backseat or hand items to children are all examples of distracted driving as well. Unfortunately, distracted driving crashes happen often. Our Lakeland distracted driving accident injury lawyers are ready to advocate for your best interests if you have been wrongfully injured in a crash! Schedule a FREE consultation with one of our compassionate, skilled attorneys today!

If you were involved in an accident with a distracted driver, and you were injured, you may have to pay for costs associated with ambulatory care, hospitalization, surgery or multiple surgeries, imaging tests like CT scans and MRIs and X-rays, medications, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medical devices, deductibles, and more. You might also have to miss several weeks or months at work without pay. A car accident can be stressful and traumatic, so you may need to seek out mental health services. This can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars – all for an accident caused by another driver acting illegally and negligently.

Even though the expensive cost of your injuries may be obvious, recovering a settlement from the insurance company can be frustrating. Insurance companies do not want to pay out settlements to injured victims because they lose money this way, so they will do everything in their power to devalue or deny your claim. However, you are not without options! Our Lakeland distracted driving accident injury lawyers stand up to them to hold the distracted driver and the insurance company accountable. We are dedicated to recovering the true amount that your case is worth, regardless of the obstacles in our way, and we are not afraid to go to trial if that’s what it takes. To date, we have recovered over $1 billion dollars for injured accident victims in Florida. You can trust our winning track record and commitment to excellence! While you recover from your injuries, we recover damages.

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Getting hit by a distracted driver can be a life-changing event. We understand that dealing with your injuries can be difficult, especially if you have injuries that will give you issues for the rest of your life or if you lost a loved one in the same accident. Trying to fight with the insurance companies can be stressful if you are trying to heal at the same time, so our compassionate yet aggressive Lakeland distracted driving accident injury lawyers will offer you quality legal representation at every turn. The Florida Law Group takes the time to listen to your story, and then works tirelessly to recover maximum compensation for your pain and suffering. We treat all of our clients like we would want our family to be treated – with respect and with excellence.

With The Florida Law Group on your side, you can have confidence in the level of representation you are receiving. Our Lakeland distracted driving accident injury lawyers have been recognized by multiple prestigious legal groups and media organizations for our ability to secure verdicts for our clients. The Trial Lawyer Board of Regents, The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, The Best Lawyers in America, The National Association of Distinguished Counsel, Avvo, Florida Super Lawyers, & more have ranked us in the top 1% of law firms nationwide. Our lead attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a board certified civil trial specialist, a rare distinction that only 1% of personal injury lawyers can claim. For more than three decades (since 1984), our personal injury lawyers have been giving solid legal guidance to injured accident victims and victims of distracted driving, and we know we can do the same for you. In 2021, we opened our Lakeland office, and we are excited to be available to serve the community! Schedule a consultation with our Lakeland car accident injury lawyers today to get started! 833-260-0936.

We believe everyone deserves top-rated legal representation, so don’t be afraid of the cost of hiring an attorney. Our Lakeland distracted driving accident injury lawyers proudly offer all of our legal services to clients on a contingency fee basis, which means that you do not have to pay any of our legal fees unless and until we successfully recover a settlement. Then, our fees are deducted from a percentage of that settlement. You don’t pay any money upfront, and you don’t incur any monetary risk! You only stand to win with us. There is a statute of limitations on Lakeland distracted driving accident injury cases, so call now to get started!