The Florida Law Group: Addressing Medical Negligence During Birth

Obstetricians are trained and required to safeguard the health of you and your child and to take necessary measures to ensure a successful and safe delivery. Complications may arise during labor that signal to a doctor that a Cesarean-section (C-section) birth may be needed to mitigate any dangers to you or your baby. If you recently suffered tragic consequences at the hands of a doctor who failed to recognize warning signs and perform a necessary C-section, take action with the help of our Tampa birth injury attorneys at The Florida Law Group. Our legal team is led by a Board Certified Civil Trial Specialist by The National Board of Trial Advocacy.

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When is a C-Section Necessary?

There are multiple signs that a mother’s or child’s safety may be in jeopardy unless a C-section birth is performed. Knowing these signs can help you determine if injuries sustained during childbirth were caused by your doctor’s negligence.

A Cesarean-section birth is recommended in the following scenarios:

  • If your baby is in a breech position (not head-down) before delivery
  • If there is a decrease in blood supply to the placenta before birth
  • If the size of your baby is estimated to be more than 9 lbs.
  • If you have a known existing medical condition such as heart disease that may be made worse through labor
  • If your baby has a known health problem such as spina bifida
  • If the placenta is blocking the cervix
  • If there are open sores from genital herpes
  • If you are HIV positive
  • Certain multiple birth scenarios including twins that share one amniotic sac, three babies or more, or conjoined twins
  • Prolonged, difficult labor
  • If the baby is showing significant signs of fetal distress

A competent doctor should be able to determine if a C-section delivery will be safer for you and your child. In the event that he or she does not and serious complications arise during a vaginal delivery, you may have the right to hold your doctor accountable for medical malpractice.

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At The Florida Law Group, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients do not have to suffer any more than already have at the hands of a negligent doctor. Pregnancy should be a joyful and happy occasion for you and your family and you should be able to trust that your doctor will keep you safe and healthy. If a doctor’s carelessness and failure to do the job that he is trained to do led to a preventable birth injury, we want to help you take action.

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