Premises Liability/Fall Down $1,300,000.00

Nursing Home Abuse $1,190,000.00

Dietary Supplement/Stroke $1,000,000.00

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome $1,050,000.00

Prescription Recall $4,200,000.00

Failure to Diagnose Sepsis $1,700,000.00

Fall Down Commercial Establishment Head Injury $1,350,000.00

Motorcycle/Death Uninsured Motorists $1,580,000.00

Motor Vehicle Accident/ Uninsured Motorist $1,140,000.00

Nursing Home Abuse $1,850,000.00

Traumatic Brain Injury $1,000,000.00

2007-   Significant recovery – wrongful death of a 4 year old boy w/ latent heart condition on a thrill ride at a popular hospitality  destination. 

2008-   Significant recovery – this tragic situation repeated itself a little more than a year after the first incident.  Wrongful death of a 13 year old boy w/ latent heart condition, exiting a ride.  

Automobile Rear End Collision  $1,150,000.00

Products Liability Claim Auto  $5,000,000.00  

Wrongful Death Motorcycle Crash  $1,250,000.00.