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If you’ve been harmed due to a defective vaginal mesh (otherwise known as a transvaginal mesh) implant or the medical negligence of a treating healthcare professional in relation to your vaginal mesh implant, Florida law may give you a right to sue for damages.

Litigating a vaginal mesh lawsuit on the basis of product defect liability can be quite a challenge.  The defendant is not only likely to have significant resources to use to their advantage, but they are also likely to take an aggressive approach when dealing with the dispute with the hope of discouraging others from filing similar lawsuits.

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What is a Vaginal Mesh?

A vaginal mesh is a basic medical product in the form of a woven, net-like “patch” that is implanted on the inside of the vagina to prevent nearby pelvic organs and systems from descending into the same space (i.e., bladder, uterus, rectum, etc.).  The mesh strengthens the structure of the vagina, thus mitigating the risk of prolapse.  In some cases, vaginal mesh implants are also used to correct certain forms of urinary incontinence.

Vaginal Mesh Defects and Product Liability

In order to establish product defect liability in Florida, the plaintiff must show that she was injured due to the product’s design defect or manufacturing defect, or by the manufacturer’s failure to properly instruct her on use or warn of inherent risks in using the product.

Vaginal mesh defects are numerous and variable.

For example, a poorly manufactured vaginal mesh (with cheap materials) may begin to deteriorate and break apart soon after implantation, leaving pieces of the mesh implant in the vaginal tissue.  If the breakage is particularly severe, the plaintiff may become infected, may experience cutting injuries, and may suffer long-term functional impairments.

By contrast, a vaginal mesh may be defectively designed such that it does not perform its function adequately, thus leading to prolapse, which may lead to its own substantial complications.

Potential Medical Malpractice Liability

Vaginal mesh lawsuits are not limited to product liability disputes.  Surgeons must implant vaginal meshes and healthcare professionals have a duty to follow-through and provide adequate post-operative care and instruction.  For example, if a surgeon negligently implants the vaginal mesh, leading to a complication down the line, you may have an actionable medical malpractice claim under Florida law.

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