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Florida Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys

Poor Hygiene and Unsanitary Living Conditions

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities are supposed to provide clean and safe environments where residents can get the care and professional assistance they need. Sadly, the living conditions in some facilities are not sanitary, putting residents at risk for infections and other harms. When a nursing home fails to do its job and a resident sustains injuries, the facility can be held legally liable for the harm suffered.

At The Florida Law Group, we know that while many nursing homes and assisted living facilities offer safe and nurturing environments for their residents, there are facilities in Florida and across the nation that are not providing proper care. Our Florida nursing home neglect attorneys recognize that this type of elder abuse and neglect is a serious problem that must be identified and addressed.

Facilities Have a Legal Duty to Provide a Safe and Sanitary Environment

Like most states, Florida has specific laws in place to protect nursing home residents. Florida Statutes Social Welfare § 429.28 is titled the “Residents Bill of Rights.”  This statute enumerates certain rights of residents in assisted living facilities, which includes the right to “live in a safe and decent living environment, free from abuse and neglect.”  When a facility violates a resident’s rights by failing to provide a clean and safe environment and the resident is harmed as a result, a civil cause of action may be brought against the facility.  

To succeed in a negligence or violation of a resident’s rights claim, the plaintiff will need to prove the following four elements:

  1. The facility or individual owed a duty to the resident
  2. The facility or individual breached the duty owed to the resident
  3. The breach is the legal cause of the damages suffered  
  4. The resident sustained damages

If your loved one contracted an infection or suffered another type of harm while living in facility where the conditions were unsanitary, you may be able to file a civil suit against the facility. Some conditions that you may have observed include:

  • Unclean floors
  • Dirty bathrooms
  • Strong odor of urine or feces
  • Dirty bed linens
  • Unclean clothes
  • Mold
  • Presence of mice and insect infestations
  • Failure of nursing home staff to wash their hands
  • Failure to regularly bathe residents
  • Unsanitary conditions in the food preparation and serving areas

Because illnesses are more likely to spread among elderly residents who may have compromised immune systems and other medical problems, nursing homes must be vigilant in providing a clean and sanitary environment. If you encounter dirty or dangerous conditions in a facility, you should speak to the nursing home administrator immediately. If the facility fails to correct the problem after being given notice and/or you believe that a loved one has contracted an illness or suffered any other type of harm due to poor hygiene or an unsanitary environment, you need to talk with a nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer who can help you identify the right course of legal action in Florida.   

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The Florida Law Group is committed to protecting vulnerable nursing home residents. When a resident is harmed due to nursing home neglect, we fully investigate the situation and take aggressive legal action against all responsible parties. If you suspect that poor hygiene and unsanitary nursing home conditions are to blame for a loved one’s injuries or death, The Florida Law Group can help.  Call us today at 833-352-5297 or fill out our online form to schedule a free evaluation of your case by a Florida nursing home neglect attorney.