Were you seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident that was caused by another driver’s negligence? Call St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyers who can fight for you to get maximum compensation!

You shouldn’t have to pay for injuries that weren’t your fault! The Florida Law Group will explain what you can do next. We work to recover the settlement you deserve.

Many people enjoy riding motorcycles in the Sunshine State, but it is a dangerous mode of transportation, mostly due to drivers on the road who don’t pay attention to or act aggressively towards motorcyclists. In 2019, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Highway Loss Data Institute (IIHS-HLDI) reported 591 motorcyclist deaths – in a single year – in Florida, which had the highest motorcyclists fatality rate of any state. One article reported that Pinellas County ranked 5th in motorcycle crash fatalities. In such a busy, metropolitan area like St. Petersburg, motorcyclists are at a high risk for being struck and injured or even killed in an accident.

If you have been injured in a motorcycle crash that was not caused by your actions, you’re not alone, and you do have options! Florida law allows you to seek financial restitution for all of the costs associated with your injuries and for the pain you have suffered due to the accident. However, insurance companies will likely fight your claim, which is why it is so important to enlist the help of a team of skilled local attorneys. The Florida Law Group’s St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyers are on your side! We will aggressively pursue a sizable settlement on your behalf. Call our St. Petersburg office today to schedule a FREE consultation and discuss your case with a knowledgeable, compassionate lawyer!

When your insurance company plays hardball, so do we – we’re not afraid to go to trial if needed, and we often recover million or multi-million dollar amounts for our clients!!

Because motorcyclists aren’t protected the way that passengers of other motor vehicles are, any accident is likely to result in severe injury to the motorcyclist. If you survive the crash, you might have to pay for ambulatory or air transport, emergency room care, imaging tests like CT scans and X-rays, surgery or multiple surgeries, multi-day or even multi-week hospital stays, physical therapy and rehabilitation, specialized or chiropractic care, medications, copays, deductibles, and more. You may have to take weeks or months off of work to recover without pay; if you are disabled due to the accident, you may never be able to return to the same career or to working at all, and you may require care for the rest of your life. You may be forever unable to participate in activities you once enjoyed. You may be traumatized by the event and require extensive counseling. All of this can amount to thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of dollars that you will have to pay.

Either your insurance company or the party at fault’s insurance company is supposed to pay you for the costs you incurred as a result of the accident, but what many injured motorcyclists in Florida are surprised to find is that insurance companies are not their friends. They are very good at avoiding paying out claims because their primary concern is protecting their own financial interests. Trying to haggle with them when you are trying to recover at the same time is typically a frustrating, overwhelming, and fruitless process, because you don’t have any leverage to use so that they will take your claim seriously. That’s why you need an advocate they’ll respect. Our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyers have spent years dealing with insurance companies. We understand what maneuvers they will try to use to avoid compensating you, we know how to respond to them, and we are not afraid of their intimidation. Our goal is to get you the highest offer possible, and we will take your case to trial if that’s what it takes; we have ample experience winning both jury and bench trials for injured accident victims in Florida.

At The Florida Law Group, we will take the time to listen to your story and make you feel valued. We will investigate your accident, make sure that you understand what we can do for you, and then work hard to recover damages! Our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyers treat you like we would want any of our family members to be treated if they found themselves in a similar situation. We truly care about what you are going through, and we want our representation to make a positive impact on your life! Our attorneys will always go the extra mile to help you with whatever you need to thrive while your case is pending. You can trust us to achieve the results you want!

Why choose The Florida Law Group’s St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyers to represent you?

Many motorcycle accident victims avoid seeking legal help because they believe that hiring a lawyer will be too expensive for them to afford, but The Florida Law Group does not want ability to pay to hinder injured victims from getting the justice they deserve. To that end, we proudly offer all of our legal services to clients on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you only pay our fees if and when we recover monetary compensation for you! If we don’t win your case, you don’t pay us. If we do win, our fees are taken out of a percentage of the settlement, which you would not have won without us on your side. It is a no-risk arrangement, and we are incentivized to get you the largest settlement we can – a win-win situation that should give you and your family peace of mind!

The other reason why St. Pete motorcycle victims call The Florida Law Group when they need help because we have a national reputation for legal excellence. Our firm has been recognized as belonging to the top 1% of personal injury law firms in the U.S., and our lead trial attorney Chris Limberopoulos is a board certified civil trial specialist by the National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA), which also places him in the top 1% of attorneys in the U.S. We have received awards and glowing reviews from The Trial Lawyer Board of Regents, The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, Super Lawyers, Florida Super Lawyers, Avvo, The Best Lawyers In America, andmore. You can turn to our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyers when you want the best chance at getting the highest amount for your injuries.

About The Florida Law Group’s St. Petersburg Presence

The Florida Law Group opened our St. Petersburg office in early 2021, and we are pleased to begin offering representation to injured motorcycle accident victims! St. Petersburg is the 5th most populated city in the state, according to 2020 census data – it’s a colorful, fun, bustling city, a residential area as well as a tourist destination, a college town, a beach town, a center for the arts, and more. It is densely populated, which means that motorcycle accidents here happen frequently. The city is located on the edge of the Pinellas Peninsula, making it difficult for accident victims to travel and get the legal assistance they want. Our attorneys firmly believe that every injured victim should have access to award-winning representation, so we moved to St. Pete to offer more people our legal guidance! Recovering damages in motorcycle injury cases can be time sensitive, as there is a statute of limitations past which a settlement cannot be sought. Call today to learn more about how our St. Petersburg motorcycle accident injury lawyers can help and schedule a free consultation!