Florida Ambulance Fraud Lawyers

Helping Whistleblowers Combat EMS Transport Schemes

In recent years, EMS services have faced increased scrutiny as part of the federal government’s efforts  to combat health care fraud and abuse. While most EMS providers are truthful in their operations, there are bad actors in Florida and throughout the nation who engage in fraudulent billing practices and other schemes. While the Department of Justice and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services are working together to uncover dishonest and unethical EMS operators, the perpetrators can only be stopped if citizens are willing to step forward and blow the whistle on ambulance fraud.

If you suspect that an ambulance company has or is currently attempting to defraud the Medicare and Medicaid system, it is important for you to discuss the situation with an attorney skilled in handling health care fraud cases. When you schedule a free consultation with our firm, our Florida ambulance fraud lawyers will carefully review your evidence and go over the legal courses of action that may be available to you. Depending upon the specifics of your case, you may be able to file a medical qui tam lawsuit against the offender. Qui tam lawsuits are filed by whistleblowers who have witnessed fraud against the federal government, including fraud involving government-sponsored healthcare programs.  Whistleblowers who come forward to report ambulance fraud are entitled to protection and are eligible to receive a financial reward under federal law, and our lawyers can help you obtain the protection and reward you deserve for your efforts to help stop healthcare fraud.  

Types of Healthcare Fraud Involving Ambulance Companies

Ambulance or EMS fraud can take many different forms. These include:

  • Falsifying EMS trip reports to remove information that might indicate that a Medicare patient could have been safely transported by a method other than ambulance
  • Charging for medications, IV treatments or other supplies and services that were never provided
  • Billing for services or treatments that are medically unnecessary
  • “Upcoding” or billing for services at a higher level of care than what was provided
  • Entering into EMS contracts with hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other entities that violate the Anti-Kickback Statute
  • Mischaracterizing and billing non-emergency patient transports as emergency transports
  • Failing to follow federal and state regulations governing the provision of ambulance services

The Florida Law Group Help You Report Fraudulent EMS Operators

If you believe that an EMS operator has engaged in ambulance fraud, The Florida Law Group can help.  These cases can be extraordinarily complex, so it is important to seek advice from a team of Florida attorneys with the knowledge and resources necessary to successfully handle the situation. The Florida ambulance fraud lawyers at our firm are seasoned attorneys who will analyze your case and help you evaluate your legal options.  If you decide to come forward to file a whistleblower qui tam action, we will take you through the process step by step. Our objective is to make certain that you have the information and guidance you need to help to stop these illegal activities. Additionally, if you or a loved one has suffered a personal injury because of EMS fraud, we can help you pursue a medical malpractice or personal injury lawsuit against the provider to recover financial compensation for your losses and damages.  

The Florida Law Group offers free, confidential case evaluations to individuals who want to take action against ambulance fraud. Complete our online form or call us at 833-352-5297 to schedule a consultation with our Florida EMS fraud attorneys.