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Paxil, manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, is in a class of medications known as serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs. Unfortunately, patients who took Paxil to treat depression were at risk for a number of serious side effects that were not accurately represented by the manufacturer. If you suffered injuries after taking Paxil, or if your infant or child experienced serious side effects from Paxil, we urge you to contact our Tampa dangerous drug attorneys at The Florida Law Group as soon as possible. We have more than a century of collective experience, which could make all the difference to your personal injury case.

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A Brief Overview of Paxil & Birth Defects

In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration issued an alert to the medical community warning them of a new study that revealed that patients who took Paxil were at an increased risk of birth defects, especially heart defects. The highest risk group was those women who took Paxil during the first trimester of pregnancy.

Other serious side effects associated with taking Paxil during pregnancy including:

  • Premature births
  • Abdominal wall defects
  • Brain defects
  • Lack of oxygen in the baby’s blood
  • Persistent pulmonary hypertension (PPHN), a life-threatening lung condition which can cause permanent lung damage to those infants who survive.

Additional Paxil Side Effects

Studies have revealed that SSRIs are linked to serious side effects, but Paxil has a greater risk than other SSRIs on the market. Paxil has been linked to an increased risk of suicide, especially in children and adolescents. Furthermore, Paxil has been linked to serious withdrawal symptoms in addition to other side effects. GlaxoSmithKline has come under serious heat for their failure to warn the public about the dangers of an increased risk of suicidal thoughts or behaviors in patients who take Paxil.

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If you have experienced serious side effects after taking Paxil, or if your child was harmed as a result of Paxil, or if your loved one committed suicide after taking Paxil, our firm is here for you. Our attorneys have decades of experience handling product liability cases. We are dedicated to bringing negligent and careless pharmaceutical manufacturers to justice by making them legally and financially liable for marketing dangerous drugs. You may be entitled to compensation for damages.

To learn more about Paxil lawsuits, contact our Tampa Paxil lawyers to discuss your case.