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The city of Orlando, Florida is the most visited tourist destination in the U.S.; it is also the most dangerous city for pedestrians in the entire United States. The two distinctions are not unrelated. More pedestrians are injured and killed in Orlando partially because so many people unfamiliar with Orlando are commuting around the city. Other factors contributing to the danger include roads designed to prioritize the flow of traffic instead of pedestrian safety and drivers who fail to yield at crosswalks or who aren’t paying attention to the road ahead of them. 740 pedestrian deaths occurred here between 2010-2019; that’s about 82 people killed every year while walking, jogging, or crossing Orlando streets.

Being hit by a car unprotected can be a devastating life experience physically, financially, and emotionally – your life may never be the same, and you may incur hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical treatment and lost wages. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident that occurred in the Orlando-Sanford-Kissimmee metro region, and the accident wasn’t your fault, you deserve to be fully compensated for the suffering you endured. However, insurance companies won’t be willing to give you a fair settlement without a fight. That’s why you need to enlist the help of our experienced Orlando pedestrian accident injury lawyers!

At The Florida Law Group, we’ll do whatever it takes to recover the damages you deserve. Since 1984, we have recovered over $1 billion dollars for injured accident victims across the state of Florida, and it is not uncommon for us to recover million or multi-million dollar settlements in single cases. Our ability to secure verdicts for our clients has earned us recognition by prestigious legal organizations such as the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, the Best Lawyers in America, the Trial Lawyer Board of Regents, Florida Super Lawyers, and more. We have over 100 years of combined legal experience on our team, and we’re not afraid to go to trial if that’s what it takes to win!

Our injured pedestrian clients never pay us unless and until we obtain a settlement on their behalf. Call our Orlando pedestrian accident injury lawyers today to schedule your free consultation and learn more about your legal rights!

Common Types Of Pedestrian Accident Injuries

Because pedestrians are completely unprotected – not in a vehicle like other drivers, and not wearing any protective gear like bikers or motorcyclists – any collision involving a pedestrian is likely to be catastrophic, resulting in serious injuries, permanent injuries, or fatalities. It is also possible for pedestrian injuries to be minor, but those are rare cases. The types of injuries sustained depend entirely on the specific circumstances of the accident, but some of the most common injuries we seek damages for as we are representing injured pedestrians include:

  • Bone fractures, including jaw fractures
  • Musculoskeletal injuries
  • Chest and abdominal injuries
  • Burns & lacerations
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries

Whether or not your injuries are severe or permanent, the medical expenses associated with your accident may prove to be more costly than you ever could have imagined, and the driver responsible deserves to be held accountable and prevented from interrupting anyone else’s life in the same way. Our Orlando pedestrian accident injury lawyers can make sure that you get the maximum compensation you need to pay for treatment and the closure you need to get peace of mind.

Types Of Damages Our Orlando Pedestrian Accident Injury Lawyers May Be Able To Recover In Your Settlement

How much The Florida Law Group can win on your behalf depends on many different factors, including how serious your injuries are, how the accident impacted your life, whether or not you were partially at fault for the accident, how much evidence exists to support your claim, and more. You should always consult with a knowledgeable local attorney who can investigate the collision and give you an accurate estimate of what your case may be worth; you may be eligible for more than you have been led to believe by the Internet or the insurance company. We may be able to recover damages in the following categories:

  • medical expenses (for things like ambulatory or air transport, imaging tests like X-rays, surgeries, hospital bills, emergency dental work, copays, deductibles, physical therapy, chiropractic care, rehabilitation, and more)
  • lost wages (for time you were unable to work and earn regular or overtime pay due to your injuries)
  • future lost wages (if you will be unable to return to your career or become permanently disabled as a result of the accident)
  • pain and suffering (for the physical and emotional trauma you endured)
  • punitive damages (if the court wants to make an example of the negligent driver’s actions)
  • and more!

What To Expect During Your Free Consultation

Our Orlando pedestrian accident injury lawyers offer free consultations so you can meet with our team and get your questions answered. When you attend your free consult, our compassionate professionals will take the time to listen to your story and your concerns. We’ll explain how we can help you and what your legal options are, get the information we need from you to begin looking into your case, and give you an idea of how much you may be able to win in a settlement. We can also connect you with other helpful resources, such as quality medical care or financial aid. Initial consultations are always free – in fact, our representation is “free” as well, in a sense. Because we believe that every injured pedestrian in Orlando should have the same ability to advocate for their rights, regardless of socioeconomic status or ability to pay for a lawyer, we proudly offer all of our legal services to clients on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will never have to pay us unless and until we recover damages for you! If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

About Our Orlando Office

Orlando, Florida is the 6th largest metropolitan area in the southern United States. It boasts nearly 300,000 residents and 75 million+ tourists annually visiting major attractions like Disney World, Universal, & Sea World. However, it is also located on the I-4 corridor (notorious for the amount of accidents and fatalities that occur), and despite making major strides towards pedestrian safety, still has earned the title of the most dangerous city for pedestrians for two years in a row. We’re passionate about making the community a better, safer place through quality legal representation. In 2021, we opened an office in the city and are excited to help injured pedestrians stand up to dishonest insurance companies in order to win fair settlements. Call now to schedule your free consultation at our Orlando office!