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​​When To Hire An Attorney After A Florida Car Accident

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when to hire an attorney after a Florida car accident

Receiving fair financial compensation after being injured in a car accident that wasn’t your fault will come down to whether or not you have a qualified Florida car accident attorney on your side. It also will come down to when you enlist their help. Most people aren’t sure how quickly they need to speak with an attorney, or are confused by issues of timing. Do they really need to talk with a lawyer “immediately” after getting hurt in the accident, or can they wait until after they’ve spoken to the police and to their insurance company? How much does waiting affect their ability to recover damages?

Luckily, the answer to the question of when to hire an attorney after being injured in a Florida car accident is fairly simple – as soon as possible after the auto wreck occurs. Obviously, you will need to seek medical attention, call the police, and make sure you are in a safe place before taking the time to call a lawyer, but you shouldn’t wait for days or weeks or months to do so, and it’s in your best interests to call a lawyer before your insurance company.

Let’s take a comprehensive look at why timing is so important when it comes to getting personal injury representation…

Top Reasons To Hire A Florida Car Accident Lawyer As Soon As Possible After Being Injured

In terms of when to hire an attorney, there are several reasons why it’s to your advantage to do that as soon as possible:

Hiring An Attorney Immediately Can Ensure You Have The Appropriate Medical Care

The first concern that needs to be addressed after you are involved in a car wreck is your physical well-being. Just because you may not need to go to the emergency room doesn’t mean that you don’t need to see a doctor promptly for a full medical examination. Many injured accident victims make the mistake of waiting until months later to be examined, but if you do that, insurance companies can use that time delay against you, saying that your injuries could have been caused or worsened by another event that occurred in that time period and therefore denying you compensation. Also, if you don’t follow up after your accident with a healthcare professional who specializes in handling traumatic injuries and who understands how to properly document the effects of your trauma and treatment process, you may find yourself without solid evidence for your claim later on.

A good Florida car accident lawyer can help you find a suitable doctor and even coordinate your appointments. They can speak with the right medical professionals, and ultimately guarantee that your care maximizes your healing and lays a strong foundation for you to be paid for all healthcare related costs.

Hiring An Attorney Immediately Can Ensure That Vital Evidence Gets Collected Properly & Quickly

The last thing you want to be doing when you’re recovering from car accident injuries is dealing with a mound of paperwork. Besides the fact that it’s physically and mentally exhausting, it also takes a knowledge of what documents to collect and what to do with them that most accident victims don’t have. Without an attorney’s help from the beginning, it’s possible that important evidence would go undocumented or not be submitted through the correct channels in time for it to be useful to your case.

Your Florida car accident attorney will do all the leg work on your behalf. They can gather police reports, lost wage information, medical bills, witness statements, and other important paperwork related to the crash and your resulting injuries. They can also organize all the available vital evidence and write a demand letter to the insurance company. Should the insurance agency fail to settle, they can take your case to trial and fight for the justice you deserve. Having all the above help is critical so that you can focus your time and energy on getting better, knowing that you have an advocate on your side who is standing up for your rights.

Hiring An Attorney Immediately Can Ensure That You Avoid Jeopardizing Your Car Accident Claim

When considering when to hire an attorney, consider that legal advice is more valuable the earlier you have it and can follow it. Many people make critical mistakes in the hours or days following a collision; these mistakes can be prevented if you enlist the guidance of a lawyer who can tell you exactly what to do and what not to do from the start.

Some of the most common errors that injured accident victims commit after a crash include:

  • Seeking medical treatment from the wrong health facility or doctor, or failing to seek medical treatment in a timely manner
  • Deleting evidence (from a digital device) or throwing it away
  • Contradicting yourself while on the phone with the insurance agents
  • Making compromising posts on social media

Making these mistakes can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation, or result in you having to pay for your accident costs out of your own pocket without any help from the other party’s insurance company. If that’s not the kind of outcome you want, you need to know what these mistakes are as soon as possible so you can avoid them.

Hiring An Attorney Immediately Can Ensure That You Make A Claim Before The Statute Of Limitations Is Up

In Florida, you only have four years from the date of your accident to file a compensation lawsuit. In some cases, you may have less. If you are wondering when to hire an attorney, you shouldn’t wait all four years, as it takes time to build a claim. Your lawyer can begin the process promptly, and will also inform you of any special exceptions that could affect the statute of limitations in your case.

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