22 Feb

cardiac injury

February is American Heart Month, so during this last week of February The Florida Law Group is taking time to discuss cardiac injuries that result from accidents: what they are, and why it is so important to get an immediate medical examination […]

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17 Feb

Florida no-fault law repeal

The short answer? Yes. On Monday, February 15, Florida senators approved a bill that would do away with the state’s longstanding no-fault auto insurance system. The bill is known as SB 54, and while it is not yet law, it is much […]

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9 Feb

race affects personal injury damages

The Number #1 Reason Why Race Affects Personal Injury Damages (And 4 Examples That Prove That It Does Affect Them) February is Black History Month. In 2020, racial injustice issues were at the forefront of the public’s mind and the media, but […]

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4 Feb

Super Bowl-related injuries

The Super Bowl is one of the American public’s favorite events of the year. For the football fans, even those whose team didn’t make it in, the annual championship game of the National Football League held in February is a chance to […]

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26 Jan

medical malpractice lawsuits in Florida

“What are the odds of winning a medical malpractice lawsuit in Florida?” This is perhaps one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to personal injury law. The short answer is perhaps disappointing for people looking to find an exact […]

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20 Jan

Florida RV accidents

Florida RV accidents can be devastating and deadly. Learn about why they happen so frequently, what you should watch out for on the roads, and what your legal rights are if you are injured in a collision! Why does Florida have such […]

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14 Jan

tips for sharing the road with Florida truckers

Trucks are an important part of America’s economy – they transport goods across the country, supplying manufacturers and retailers with the resources they need (like groceries) to meet the demands of consumers. We need trucks, but the fact remains that large commercial […]

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11 Jan

who is responsible for a pedestrian accident that happens at night in Florida?

Who is responsible for a pedestrian accident that happened at night in Florida? Regularly taking walks is proven to be beneficial for your physical and mental health. During the pandemic, many people took to walking more in their neighborhoods, in parks, and […]

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4 Jan

medical malpractice compensation with waiver

When we are sick, we trust doctors and other healthcare professionals to treat us, but unfortunately medical errors happen much more often you may realize. A John Hopkins study published in 2016 revealed that more than 250,000 people in the United States […]

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21 Dec

most common new year's injuries

The entire world is breathing a sigh of relief that 2020 is finally about to be over. It was an “unprecedented” year in every sense of the word. With a vaccine already being distributed, there is hope that while the coronavirus won’t […]

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