16 Nov

How Rising COVID Cases in Florida May Affect Your Personal Injury Case

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rising covid cases in Florida affecting personal injury

It might be hard to believe it, but we are less than 50 days from the start of a brand-new year. It has been a little over 8 months since Friday, March 13th 2020, which was just two days after the WHO declared the coronavirus to be a global pandemic; the United States in response declared a national emergency and began to shut down schools, businesses, restaurants, courts, and more, along with the rest of the world. These last historic, unprecedented 8 months have caused fear, uncertainty, anxiety, stress, grief, and confusion for nearly everyone. As with every other industry, the coronavirus has at least temporarily changed the legal system. Law firms closed their offices and began holding virtual consultations and communicating digitally with clients, and jury trials were postponed in most states.

We gave an update in July about the state of personal injury, but because cases in Florida are beginning to rise yet again, we wanted to write another blog informing our clients and other injured accident victims about what is happening right now in the legal sphere and how the current state of affairs is affecting past, present, and future personal injury cases. The Florida Law Group is here for you! Even during this pandemic, we have always been available to our clients and to injured accident victims looking for representation. We are staying informed on everything coronavirus related and we are constantly evaluating, reevaluating, and advising our clients on the best ways to proceed with their case and recover the compensation they deserve. The Florida Law Group is still communicating about case progress, offering quality legal advice, and fighting for justice! We are actually expanding, having opened new offices this year in Miami and Orlando. Being in a pandemic is scary, but being injured in a pandemic with no compensation is scarier. That’s why our elite law firm wants to offer peace of mind.

*Note – The COVID-19 crisis is evolving, so for the latest updates and details regarding office hours, virtual consultations, and county-specific safety guidelines, please call us at 833-260-0941 or visit our website at https://www.thefloridalawgroup.com.

Florida saw the highest number of COVID cases in mid July, with a record of over 15,000 cases in a single day on July 12th. Cases dipped and were trending in the right direction until mid-October, when cases began rising again. On Oct. 7th, the state surpassed 15,000 deaths. Parts of Europe and other states in the U.S. are beginning to shut down certain businesses and events again; while that may not happen here, and while none of this should cause you to panic, it does mean that you should be informed and prepared. Here are a few ways that rising COVID cases in Florida may affect your personal injury case and what you should know to ensure you get the full value your case is worth.

Perhaps the number one most important thing that injured accident victims need to know about rising COVID cases in Florida is that they must receive medical treatment as soon as possible in order to have a chance at maximizing monetary compensation. This is one way that the pandemic is negatively affecting personal injury cases. People are concerned to keep their appointments because they fear exposure, but medical records showing that the injured accident victim complied with all doctor-recommended treatment are absolutely necessary to prove the extent of injuries and recover full damages. Without medical treatment, plaintiffs either don’t have a case at all or have a very weak one. Rising cases may make it more difficult for patients to obtain treatment as hospitals and doctors’ offices become more crowded, so victims should be diligent about seeking care and always try to get the first appointment available. If you are nervous about being exposed to COVID, try to get the earliest appointment in the day and talk with the clinic beforehand about what safety precautions to take. The longer you wait to obtain medical treatment, the longer it will be until you are able to recover damages, and the more likely it will be that the insurance company will try to devalue your claim, citing that something else could have caused or aggravated your injuries.

Because Florida courts are either closed or modifying their procedures, cases may take longer to resolve. This does not necessarily impact new clients (whose cases will take time to be researched and built anyway) or clients who are settling (because that does not require going to the courthouse or dealing with the courts at all). If your case can be settled out of court for the full amount you deserve, we will always seek that option, which would be a much faster route and not negatively impacted by court closings. However, if your case does need to go to court, a resolution may be delayed until cases are down. The Florida Law Group will do everything in our power to work with the courts, let you know your options, and move your case along quickly. You can view more information about your county’s courts here.

Insurance companies may lose profits like most businesses as the pandemic worsens or continues, so they may be willing to fight your claim harder than at another time. This may seem intimidating, but it should not be; The Florida Law Group has recovered over a billion dollars in compensation for our clients because we know how to stand up to insurance companies and fight them for the money you deserve. We have a board certified civil trial specialist leading our skilled legal team, and we have received national recognition for our ability to get verdicts for our clients. Call us today to schedule a free consultation! We will help you understand your options. You don’t pay us unless we win your case!