24 Sep

spinal cord injury

The National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center recently estimated that the annual incidence of spinal cord injury (SCI) is about 54 cases per one million individuals in the U.S., or approximately 17,730 new SCI cases each year. These don’t include anyone who […]

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1 Jun

Florida bicycle accidents

In 2021, 160 bicyclists were killed in the state of Florida, making it the deadliest state to ride a bicycle in for multiple years in a row. Infrastructure, distracted driving, road rage, drivers refusing to share the road, and many other factors […]

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18 Jan

Miami auto accident injury lawyer

What To Look For In A Miami Auto Accident Injury Lawyer How To Spot Red Flags & Recognize The Qualities You Need When Choosing An Accident Firm To Represent You! If you’ve been injured in an auto accident that was not your […]

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3 Jan

Tampa, Florida motorcycle accident myths

Florida has the second highest number of registered motorcycles in the nation (following just behind California). The Daytona Beach Bike Week, one of the largest motorcycling events worldwide, is one draw; the warm weather, long stretches of open roads, and scenic ocean […]

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23 Sep

gross negligence

If you’ve been injured in an accident that was caused by someone else’s negligence, you may be legally entitled to monetary compensation; if you’ve been injured in an accident where someone is found to be grossly negligent, you may be entitled to […]

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13 Jul

reason why insurers deny car accident injury claims

Drivers in Florida are legally required to carry PIP coverage, or personal injury protection. Florida has a “no-fault” accident system, meaning that if a car accident occurs and one or more parties is injured, both parties are required to go through their […]

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7 Jul

wrongful death claims

Just after 1am on June 24th, 2021, a 12-story condominium just north of Miami Beach – the Champlain Towers South condo building in Surfside, FL – collapsed. It has been the focus of much of the news in Florida for the past two […]

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29 Jun

weather-related accident injuries

If you were in a car accident caused by bad weather, and suffered weather-related accident injuries, you may or may not have a case. Read this article to learn more about what factors contribute to the possibility of recovering compensation and then […]

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14 Jun

preexisting condition before being injured in an accident

If you had preexisting conditions before being injured in an accident, and the accident exacerbated your condition, you are still legally entitled to seek compensation for your suffering! You may be eligible for a significant monetary recovery with an aggressive attorney on […]

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7 Jun

uninsured motorist

If you have been seriously injured in a collision with another driver who was uninsured or underinsured, you can still fight to recover the full amount that your injuries are worth, as long as you have an aggressive legal team on your […]

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