Miami Drunk Driving Accident Injury Lawyers

Hit by a drunk driver? The Florida Law Group can fight for justice & the maximum compensation you deserve!

Rates of drunk driving across the country have decreased over the years, but in a party city like Miami, drunk driving accidents, injuries, and deaths still occur. When another person’s irresponsible decision leaves you hurt, you have a legal right to pursue financial restitution! Recovering the full amount your injuries are worth can be incredibly difficult without the help of an aggressive attorney. Our Miami drunk driving accident injury lawyers are on your side! Call now to schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about how we can help.

Why do you need a lawyer to represent you?

In 2019, one report found that 60.8 DUI arrests were made per every 100,000 inhabitants of the Miami-Dade County area. Nationally, the average is 1.7%. If you have been hit and injured by a drunk driver – either as another driver, a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a motorcyclist – you’re not alone, and the incident may change your life forever. Depending on the severity of your injuries, you may face paying expensive medical bills related to hospitalization, surgeries, ambulatory transport, X-rays and other imaging tests, physical therapy, medications, medical devices, chiropractic care, copays, deductibles, and more. You may have to miss weeks or even months of work without pay to heal. Some injuries may be permanent, leaving you disabled, unable to work, or requiring lifelong medical care. The total cost of your accident may easily add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Most people expect that the insurance company of the drunk driver or their own insurance company will cover these costs, but the sad and frustrating reality is that insurance companies make more money when they can avoid paying out claims to accident victims. To this end, they will often attempt to devalue or outright deny the injury claims of drunk driving accident victims in order to protect their own financial bottom line. Without proper compensation, you may end up going into debt to pay for your treatment or being forced to go without. This isn’t fair, but alone, you have little negotiating power with a major insurer. That’s why you need a skilled personal injury attorney on your side who can stand up for your rights! Having an attorney makes it much more likely that you’ll be able to recover damages at all and get the highest settlement possible.

Why are our Miami drunk driving accident injury lawyers the best choice to represent you?

Not every personal injury lawyer is created equal. The Florida Law Group is one of the oldest and most reputable firms in Florida – we have been fighting for the rights of drunk driving victims and other injured accident victims since 1984, and we have over 100 years of combined experience on our legal team! Multiple prestigious organizations have ranked us as belonging to the upper eschalange of law firms in the nation and have recognized us for our ability to win verdicts for our clients; these include, but are not limited to: The National Trial Lawyers Top 100, The Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, The Trial Lawyer Board Of Regents, The Best Lawyers In America, Florida Super Lawyers, Avvo, & more. To date, we have recovered over $1 billion dollars for our clients! Our lead attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a board certified civil trial specialist, making him an expert at handling personal injury lawsuits & claims. We have 11 locations in the state of Florida, including Miami. You can rely on our experience, knowledge, and community connections to win your settlement!

Many people may mistakenly believe that hiring such an elite legal team may be too expensive for them to afford, but our Miami drunk driving accident injury lawyers believe that everyone deserves representation, regardless of their socioeconomic status. We realize that being injured in an accident already places a heavy financial burden on you and your family, and we don’t want to add to that! That’s why we proudly offer free consultations and charge on a contingency fee basis. This means that you only have to pay our legal fees when you win! If we don’t recover a settlement, you owe us nothing. If we do win, our fee comes as a percentage of the settlement that you would not have recovered without our help. You never pay anything upfront or out of pocket, and we are incentivized to recover sizable damages. It’s a risk-free arrangement that serves our clients well!

Don’t wait – taking legal action is a time-sensitive manner!

Florida has a statute of limitations in drunk driving cases. If you’ve been injured, you need to immediately contact an attorney to discuss your case! When you attend a free consultation with our Miami drunk driving accident injury lawyers, we will take the time to listen to your story, help you understand your options and how much your case may be worth, investigate your accident, gather all of the necessary paperwork, communicate with the insurance company, and relentlessly pursue the full amount you deserve! Call today to set up your free consultation.

We have been serving injured accident victims in the state of Florida since 1984, but recently opened our Miami office in early 2021 to expand our representation to others in southernmost Florida who need our help! Miami is a vibrant, cultural city with a rich night life – unfortunately, drunk driving accidents occur frequently here, which is why we are here to offer quality representation to people who need it the most!