Florida Medical Billing Fraud Attorney

Protecting Victims of Healthcare Fraud

Medical billing fraud is one of the most common types of healthcare provider fraud schemes.  Medicare and Medicaid reimburse doctors and healthcare facilities based upon a highly complicated coding system.  While most healthcare professionals and institutions are honest in their billing practices, there are providers in Florida and across the nation who will attempt to game the system to illegally increase their revenues. The FBI, which is the primary agency responsible for investigating and uncovering fraud in the healthcare industry, has stated that healthcare fraud costs the United States tens of millions of dollars every year. The Bureau further acknowledges that patients themselves can also be harmed by billing fraud and other healthcare schemes.

If you suspect that a healthcare provider has engaged in fraudulent billing practices, it is critical to speak with an experienced Florida medical billing fraud attorney immediately.  The Florida Law Group can protect your rights and explain the avenues of legal recourse that may be available to you, including pursuing a qui tam lawsuit against the provider.  Our lawyers understand just how big of a problem medical billing fraud can be and we are committed to helping our clients seek justice when these types of crimes occur. 

Common Types of Medical Billing Schemes

Billing fraud schemes perpetrated by medical providers happen more often than we would like to think. While medical billing fraud can take many different forms, some of the most common schemes involve:

  1. Upcoding a diagnosis or procedure
  2. Billing for procedures that were not actually performed
  3. Billing for equipment that was not provided
  4. Ordering unnecessary procedures
  5. Overcharging for drugs and medical equipment
  6. Inflating the costs of medical care
  7. Double billing for the same treatment, visit or procedure
  8. Unbundling or billing separately for procedures performed at one time or commonly done together
  9. Self-referrals between doctors

Holding Medical Providers Accountable for Fraudulent Billing Practices

When healthcare providers try to manipulate the system to get additional or inflated payments from the government and private insurance carriers, everyone ends up paying in the end with rising healthcare costs. If you have been victimized by medical billing or any other type of healthcare fraud, The Florida Law Group is well equipped to handle your case.  Our attorneys are seasoned litigators who are committed to helping people throughout the state of Florida who have suffered due to the unlawful actions of their healthcare providers. We understand just how complex these cases can be and we will aggressively pursue the appropriate legal remedies to ensure that the responsible parties are held accountable for their illegal actions.

Discuss Your Case With a Florida Medical Billing Fraud Attorney Today

With so many doctors and healthcare institutions operating throughout the state, fraudulent billing and other healthcare provider schemes are a serious problem in Florida. If you think that a healthcare provider has been upcoding services, charging for procedures that were never rendered or engaging in any other fraudulent activities, it is crucial to seek advice from qualified legal counsel.  The Florida Law Group offers free consultations where we will examine your situation and discuss your options.  Speak with a Florida medical billing fraud attorney today at 833-352-5297 to schedule your case evaluation.