Have you been seriously injured in a car accident involving Uber or Lyft? The Florida Law Group can help you fight for justice.

If you suffered severe injuries from a crash involving Uber or Lyft in or near Largo, you may be entitled to up to $1 million in compensation.

Ridesharing is a popular method of transport, especially in places in the Tampa Bay Area like Largo, which is in between major cities. Uber and Lyft, the most popular ridesharing options, are often hailed as making the roads safer. It is true that they have decreased the amount of drunk driving accidents, and they require their drivers to meet specific safety criteria, but Uber and Lyft are not immune from the possibility of an accident (and indeed, these happen more often than you may think). They are also not immune from the legal consequences of negligence if their company or their drivers caused the accident and left someone else (a pedestrian, passenger, bicyclist, motorcyclist, or driver) injured.

However, proving liability in a Largo Uber or Lyft accident injury case can be incredibly complex. For one thing, rideshare drivers are not legally considered employees of the company – they are contractors. In order to prove that Uber or Lyft was themselves at fault, you would have to be able to prove that the company engaged in negligence by failing to properly inspect the vehicle or conduct a background check, etc. Most of the time, it will be the Uber or Lyft driver who is liable. These drivers carry a minimum of $1 million in liability insurance coverage under Florida law, and this amount is used to pay settlements for injured accident victims when the vehicle was actively engaged in rideshare transport at the time of the accident. Depending on how extensive your injuries are, you may be legally entitled to some or much of this amount, but recovering damages can be challenging. Contact us for a free case evaluation today to find out how much your case is truly worth! The Florida Law Group’s Largo Uber and Lyft accident injury lawyers always advocate for maximum compensation.

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As with any car accident, injuries sustained in a Uber or Lyft crash can be potentially life-changing and debilitating, not to mention extremely expensive to treat. You may have to pay for costs associated with ambulatory care, hospitalization, imaging tests, surgeries, doctor visits, specialized care, medical devices, medications, and more. You may have to take significant time off work and be temporarily or permanently unable to participate in activities you regularly enjoy. In some cases, your injuries may never fully heal, and you may require lifelong care.

When an accident wasn’t your fault – especially if you trusted Uber and Lyft with your safety – you should not have to suffer in pain without monetary compensation. However, insurance companies will always attempt to devalue or discredit your claim and protect their bottom line, and Uber and Lyft have huge legal teams that will defend their actions. The Florida Law Group’s Largo Uber and Lyft accident injury lawyers are not intimidated by other attorneys. We have recovered over $1 billion dollars for injured accident victims, and we know what it takes to prove liability and recover a fair settlement for you. Our ability to get verdicts for our clients has earned us membership in the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a prestigious and national legal organization.

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The Florida Law Group has over 100 years of combined experience, and we have been fighting for justice for our clients in the Tampa Bay Area since 1984. We have represented multiple clients who have been injured in Largo Uber and Lyft accident cases. We have extensive knowledge regarding ridesharing accident cases and are confident in our abilities to offer quality representation, no matter how complex the circumstance is. Our results have been recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Top 100, the National Institute of Trial Advocacy, the Trial Lawyer Board of Regents, the Super Lawyers® list for Florida, the Super Lawyers® list, and the Best Lawyers in America®. We have also been featured in the New York Times, 48 Hours, ABC, the Tampa Bay Times, the Wall Street Journal, 20/20, and the CBS Evening News. Our lead attorney, Chris Limberopoulos, is a board certified civil trial specialist, which is a rare certification that only 1% of lawyers have achieved. Call our Largo office today to schedule a free consultation and begin discovering your legal options. Our Largo Uber and Lyft accident injury attorneys proudly offer all of our legal services on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you only pay our fees if we recover damages for you.