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A surgical hernia mesh is a stitched-mesh implant that is used to strengthen one’s internal tissue/muscle structure so as to correct the muscle weakness or damage that can give rise to a hernia.

Hernias naturally occur throughout the body and typically form when a weakened muscle structure allows for other bodily tissue to squeeze through a hole.  Hernia mesh implants reinforce the structure of the muscle and connective tissue, thus preventing the recurrence of a hernia.

If you’ve been harmed due to a defective hernia mesh or a hernia mesh that was negligently implanted or otherwise mishandled by a treating healthcare professional, then Florida law may entitle you to compensation.  We encourage you to contact The Florida Law Group for guidance on how to proceed with litigation. 

Common Hernia Mesh Defects and Product Liability

Hernia mesh implants are complex, fragile devices that can be defective in a number of different ways:

  • The hernia mesh can cause the patient’s body to respond negatively due to the use of materials that incite an allergic reaction
  • The hernia mesh may deteriorate over time, leading to breakage
  • Pieces of the hernia mesh may cut into surrounding tissue, causing significant damage to one’s organs
  • The hernia mesh may be poorly designed or manufactured such that it does not perform its function correctly, thus allowing for hernia recurrence

If the hernia mesh is defective (in design or manufacture, or if the medical device manufacturer fails to warn about an inherent risk or fails to properly instruct end-users), then you may have an actionable product liability claim under Florida law to secure compensation for related injuries.

Potential Medical Malpractice Claims

Hernia mesh implants may give rise to medical malpractice liability in scenarios where there is no actual defect, but where the negligence of a treating healthcare professional caused the hernia mesh to be harmful.

For example, if your surgeon failed to exercise proper care when implanting the mesh, which leads to mesh breakage (and a severe infection), you would likely have an actionable medical malpractice claim.

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