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Have You Been in a Food Truck Accident?

Have You Been in a Food Truck Accident?

The past few years have seen an increase in mobile cuisine in the Tampa area in the form of food trucks. Food trucks are highly popular, and people can follow the locations of many of their favorite food trucks online so that they know where they will get lunch. While food trucks are an often economical option for entrepreneurs and convenient for customers, they also pose the risk of injury just like any other type of vehicle or business.

Types of Food Truck Accidents

While trucks are most often associated with traffic collisions, that is not the only type of accident involving a food truck that can cause serious injuries. People can suffer injuries in or around food trucks in many other ways.

Traffic accidents

To get from place to place, food trucks must drive in traffic and alongside other vehicles. Like any larger truck, food trucks can have extremely large blind spots and may be difficult to maneuver. Often, the people driving food trucks have more experience cooking food than they do behind the wheel of a large vehicle. Unsurprisingly, food trucks can often be involved in crashes with other motor vehicles, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

Slips and falls

Like any restaurant or food enterprise, spills can and will happen. Whether someone in the truck spills something over the counter or patrons eating in the vicinity spill their food or drinks, the area should be inspected regularly and spills should be cleaned up in a timely manner. If food truck employees fail to keep the area around the truck safe and clean, patrons or passersby may slip and fall, which can cause serious injuries.

Gas explosions

In order to operate successfully, most food trucks have gas hookups for their stove tops and ovens. Unfortunately, it is all too easy to connect the gas line improperly or to have the defective gas equipment. Sometimes, these circumstances can lead to sudden gas explosions. Explosions can cause debris to go flying from the truck, injuring people and damaging property. Such an explosion can not only injure the people inside the food truck but also anyone standing nearby.

Because of the hybrid nature of restaurant-meets-transportation, food trucks generally must have both commercial auto insurance as well as general liability insurance. If an accident occurs while the truck is driving, the claim will fall under the auto insurance policy. If injuries occur when the truck is parked and in restaurant mode, anyone injured will have to file a claim with the general liability insurer. An experienced personal injury lawyer can help you determine the necessary course of action and will guide you through the process of recovering from your injuries and losses.

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