Did Defective Tires Cause Your Accident?

Our Florida Defective Tire Injury Lawyers Can Investigate

Over recent decades, defects, imperfections, and malfunctions in tires have been the cause of countless automobile accidents. Regrettably, many of these have resulted in various types of injuries, numerous of them catastrophic in nature. In some cases, fatalities have been directly linked to a defective design or manufacturing defect in a tire.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident which you suspect was the result of a defective tire, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Our proven Tampa product liability attorneys at The Florida Law Group should be consulted immediately. In many cases, a product liability lawsuit can be initiated against the party responsible for your accident in order to obtain compensation for the unfortunate consequences of your accident.

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Defective tires which cause injuries are a type of product liability case. In these, it is vital to be represented by an attorney who understands your legal rights and options. It is also essential to have a lawyer who has an established record of success against companies and corporations whose actions have caused injury. Every single lawyer at The Florida Law Group fits this description.

Our firm has over 100 years of combined service to offer those who have been hurt by the negligence of another. Our Martindale-Hubbell® AV® Rated firm is proud to have members on our legal team who have been included on the Super Lawyers® list. We are also members of the Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, a group that less than 1% of U.S. lawyers are part of. In order to be a member, an attorney must have produced a trial verdict, award or settlement in excess of two or more million dollars.

Pursuing Full Compensation for Accident Victims

Product liability legal actions are taken when a company that designs, manufactures, distributes or sells a product fails in their duty to protect the consumer. These costly errors can be anything from improper manufacturing techniques that create an unsafe product to a failure to warn or an inadequate warning as to its correct usage. In the case of tires, if they are improperly made, a separation of the tread can occur.

When this happens at high speeds, the following scenarios can occur:

  • A driver can lose control of the vehicle, leading to a rollover accident.
  • Tire blowout can happen if inferior quality materials are used in its manufacture or the tire is over or under-inflated.
  • Tire explosion while being changed – This type of accident is normally associated with the use of tire sealant to temporarily repair a tire.

How the Florida Law Group Can Help

Our job is to investigate and document what brought about your injuries and to prove who was responsible for the dangerous product. At this point, either through negotiation with the culpable party or by actions taken at Trial, we work to recover compensation that reflects the degree of the injuries and other damages.

You may be awarded compensation for:

  • Property damage
  • Medical bills
  • Costs for future treatments
  • Lost wages (present and future)

It is necessary, however, that we get to work quickly on your case. Physical evidence, witness statements, police reports, and other important information are all essential to your case and these only deteriorate with time.

Please don’t hesitate to retain our services as soon as possible.