Tampa Medication Error Lawyer

Thousands of patients die each year and hundreds of thousands suffer injuries because of prescription medications. Sadly, the real cause of many of these injuries is not usually recognized. Medication mistakes occur with as many as one in five hospital patients.Doctors, nurses, and pharmacists, and other medical providers are all guilty of making mistakes in administering these potent drugs, and it is important to hold them accountable when this happens.

Common Types of Medication Errors

With a little more care, most medication errors could be avoided. A doctor's failure to take a few seconds more to check other medications already being administered to the patient, or to ensure the prescription is correct, or a nurse's failure to double check before administering a medication could prevent severe, even permanent injury. Our medical malpractice lawyer is prepared to assist you with your claim for damages resulting from:

  • Drug interactions
  • Drug allergies
  • Incorrect dose of medication
  • Inaccurate patient records being kept
  • Wrong medication administered
  • Wrong medication prescribed
  • Wrong medication dispensed
  • Lack of explanation of potential side effects
  • Other serious medication errors

Tips for Avoiding Medication Errors in Florida

Many people make a point of being careful about taking medicines and will ask their doctor or nurse questions about possible side effects. This can help reduce the chance that you may be given the wrong medication or the incorrect dosage. In the instance that you are very ill or injured, you may simply have to trust that the people in charge of your care are taking every precaution. When your condition is worsened after a pharmaceutical has been administered to you, you should talk with a Tampa medical malpractice lawyer who will fight for you. Our firm has the resources to investigate the matter for you. If a medication error has resulted in serious injury, we can file a claim for compensation on your behalf and aggressively pursue a fair settlement.

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